Top 7 Trends a Shopify Plus Developer Can Help You Get Behind Before 2023


If there’s one thing we can say about eCommerce, is that change is the only constant. Since eCommerce is a fundamentally new aspect of the traditional retail experience, novel concepts and rapid changes should be expected.

Keeping in line with those changes and managing online shoppers’ expectations is a full-time responsibility of eCommerce business owners. Here are some of the top trends a Shopify Plus developer can implement for your online store so you can tackle the advent of 2023 with confidence.

What Does a Shopify Plus Developer Do?
Simply put, an eCommerce developer is a technical expert that can help create the online experience that online shoppers expect.

A developer can build a website or an application from scratch, write codes and scripts, and adjust the functionality of a website on a granular level.

All of the different eCommerce platforms are different in some respect or other. A Shopify Plus developer specializes in Shopify and Shopify Plus, two of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the internet, with over 2 million active websites.

Personalization is one of the most pronounced trends in eCommerce. Increasingly, online shoppers are looking for personalized product options and respond best to marketing messaging that is closely targeted to their interests.

A team of Shopify Plus developers can help you create apps that gather the data necessary to personalize your marketing efforts, or even create Shopify apps and page-level product updates that enable customers to feel more involved in the process of shopping online.

Developing and Integrating Chatbots
Automation not only keeps costs down. It can also, in some ways, improve the customer service of your Shopify store (at least when implemented properly).

The Shopify platform has a relatively open API, so a skilled development team can integrate popular chatbot apps into your store – or they can code one specifically for you.

Security Issues
Sometimes addressing a security concern is as simple as implementing an SSL, other times it takes more attention to detail, which a Shopify design and development team can accommodate for you.

Voice Search Optimization
Voice search is on the rise, and many Shopify partners that specialize in SEO also specialize in voice-search optimization, which is intended to make your website more visible to verbal queries and search terms.

Expect voice search to transform digital marketing, and expect development services to be among the keys to success for eCommerce stores in many industries.

Integrating New Payment Gateways
Overwhelmingly, online customers, not just Shopify customers are expecting to be able to utilize a wide variety of payment gateways and methods, including buy-now-pay-later options.

With its open API, Shopify Plus offers wide compatibility with many existing options, but a Shopify Plus agency can also code new solutions for you.

Developing and Integrating AR and VR Functionality
One of the biggest roadblocks to online conversions is that customers cannot really interact with products before purchasing.

AR and VR, or augmented reality and virtual reality, respectively, aim to break down those barriers.

Apparently, over 71% of online shoppers would prefer to shop at an online store that offered some sort of virtual reality functionality that enabled them to see or interact with a product in some capacity before buying.

Shopify Theme Development
Finally – although this is not really a new trend – expect customers to be more discerning about brand image, which is reflected in the visual nature and functionality of your website’s theme.

Brand-misaligned websites underperform by comparison to competitors that are visually and functionally alluring, and which create a unique experience for the customers that use them.

While Shopify and Shopify Plus are compatible with a few free themes, a Shopify Plus developer can develop custom themes for your store that better reflect the value of your brand.

Start with an Experienced Shopify Plus Developer
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