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Top 7 Subscription Based Webinar Platform in UK

To cope with the disastrous effects of the pandemic, majorities of companies have adopted digital ways to connect, share, and educate their audiences. Therefore the popularity of webinars has reached a great height, and now webinars have become an integral part of marketing strategies of every scale of business.

As webinar has emerged as the most reliable and affordable medium for marketing products and services, it’s no wonder that selecting the right digital platform for hosting your webinar is the most crucial decision for achieving your business goals. 

In this blog, we have pulled the seven best subscription-based webinar platforms that you should give a try for your next webinar. So, let us start our blog.


When we think about the immersive webinars that nurture the leads and can be run without any glitch, Mixhubb is the first name that comes to our mind. Mixhubb offers a highly advanced yet very easy-to-use interface that users can access easily without having any or little technical knowledge. Along with webinars, this platform can also be used for hosting all types of online events, conferences, summits, workshops, town hall meetings, and virtual exhibitions. It is a browser-based platform so there is no need to download any extra space-occupying software, within a few clicks, you can join the webinar.

Mixhubb’s flexible and quick registration management enables you to customize registration forms and landing pages to drive a greater registration rate. Moreover, it provides smooth registration, attendees can register directly from their social media accounts. Its dynamic engagement and networking features keep attendees engaged from beginning to end and facilitate online networking. Not to mention, Mixhubb is known for highly secure Online webinar services

Other notable features include:

  • Cost Effective Subscription-based Model
  • Robust Data Analytics
  • Powerful Backstage and 24*7 customer support
  • Emailer and Invite automation
  • Unlimited Attendees
  • Chats, Polls, Q&As, Quizzes, Networking Tables, and Breakout rooms
  • Multilingual Translator
  • Screen Sharing, recording, whiteboard, and handouts


Demio is at number two on our list and is one of the modern Live webinar platforms that offer a simple and easy-to-use setup where you can instantly host a webinar. Along with the live webinars, users can also host automated and on-demand webinars on this platform. As it is a multi-browser and multi-device compatible platform, users can join this platform directly from their browsers using any device like PCs, desktops, and mobile phones. Moreover, Demio lets its users customize the domain, and users can add logos of the brand to get the maximum opportunity of showcasing and promoting their brand. Furthermore, users can completely leverage Demio’s engagement tools like chats, polls, and featured action to inspire action to drive more revenue.

Other notable features of Demio include:

  • Recording
  • Automated Email Reminders
  • Handouts
  • Source Tracking
  • Integration with Marketing Apps
  • Registration Page Templates


Zoho Meeting:

Zoho Meeting is at number three on our list and also known as a secure web-based platform for conducting online meetings, conferences, and webinars. Its technically advanced yet easily accessible interface provides an immersive life-like webinar experience. Moreover ,this platform works on any browser without downloading anything extra. Moreover, it offers an intuitive setup that can be used without technical or external support. Zoho offers high-quality video conferencing without any lag, along with this, it also has features like moderator control for hosting secure online meetings. It also allows attendees to “raise a hand ” and speak during the webinars. 

Other notable features of Zoho Meeting include:

  • Chats, run polls, Q&As, and make any attendee presenter
  • Recording, downloading, and sharing of online sessions
  • Customizable registration forms for getting the email address 
  • Add co-host to the meeting, share files, and screen
  • Emojis to express the reactions


Livestorm stands on number four in our list and is an ideal choice for hosting webinars for product demos and training sessions. You can get inside the webinar within a few minutes directly from your browsers. Livestorm also offers several advanced features which effectively make planning, conducting, marketing, and tracking webinars very convenient. Moreover, its easy-to-access dashboard lets you keep an eye on the visits, sign-ups, and attendees’ engagement so that you can optimize your strategy and work on the areas that need improvements.

Other notable features of Livestorm include:

  • Engagement features like chats, polls, and Q&As
  • Email Scheduler for sending automatic reminders
  • Follow-up emails for enhancing the rate of conversion
  • Customized branding for nurturing leads
  • Integration with marketing tools Salesforce and HubSpot

Adobe Connect:

Adobe Connect is at number five on our list and lets you host webinars that give an unforgettable experience while scaling to engage a global and diverse audience. Moreover, it provides flexibility to your audience to engage with you at their time and on their terms. Adobe Connect lets you minimize the barrier of entry by allowing a single click to join directly from the desired browsers. 

Breaking the barrier Adobe Connect allows the presenter to create an easily repeatable but consistent and accessible session for the attendees that’s differently abled or from different time zones.  

Other notable features of Adobe Connect include:

  • Brand 
  • customization
  • Sidebar Navigation to search notes of the presenter
  • Multi-dimensional polls
  • Event microsite for Custom Landing Pages
  • Engagement Dashboard
  • Breakout rooms
  • Persistence rooms


BigMarker is the most versatile solution for hosting webinars, online, and hybrid events and is number six on our list. If you have a large number of attendees in your online events and want multiple speakers for an enormously interactive session, then BigMarker is the perfect choice for you. Because there is no upper limit of presenters in BigMarker’s events. To make webinars more interactive and engaging, it offers features like chat, polls, and surveys. 

Other notable features of BigMarker include:

  • No App download required
  • Bring anyone on stage
  • Social Media Integration for live streaming
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Email Invites


Zoom stands at number 10  on our list and is one of the most popular video conferencing platforms where you can host high-quality, basic webinars for free, only if your meeting lasts for less than 40 minutes and you have not more than 100 attendees. It is often used for webinars related to teaching and product demos. Paid features of Zoom include Admin controls, detailed webinar analytics, and cloud storage for recordings.

Other notable features of Zoom include:

  • Screen Sharing and Desktop Sharing
  • Multi-device and Multi-browser Compatible
  • Recording
  • Chats, Polls, and Surveys

The webinar platform connects you with your audiences, generates leads, and elevates conversion. So it becomes equally crucial to go for the right webinar software. Using the information given in the blog, you can select the best platform that meets your brand requirements. 

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