Top 5 NFT Gaming Platforms That Are Going Rule In 2022


NFT games are changing the video gaming landscape. The addition of NFT-based blockchain games has attracted a diverse group of players to the platform. Everything about the combination of NFT and gaming is amazing, especially its ability to effectively use the term “Play To Earn.”

Previously, video games were dedicated to players, but they received nothing in return except the pleasure of playing the game. The revenue generated by video games is only distributed among the companies and developers involved in the gaming platform.

Thus, it is changed with the help of NFTs, and players can monetize their gaming experience into money by trading the in-game assets represented as NFTs.

The development of the p2e NFT gaming platform is accelerating at a rapid pace, with new blockchain games being released every year. The gaming community is anticipating a wide range of NFT-based blockchain games this year. As a result, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of impressive NFT gaming platforms.

Fight Club Galaxy

The Galaxy Fight Club NFT game is said to be the game that the gaming community is most looking forward to. This is a proof-of-concept NFT that allows players who already own NFT to use it as their avatar.

This is a blockchain-based player vs. player (PvP) game. This game is available not only to NFT holders, but also to non-NFT holders. This game is available on both PC and mobile devices and features a large number of avatars, over 10,000 to be exact. This NFT-based blockchain game is built on the Polygon blockchain’s core.

Crypto Monsters

Crypto Beasts is a thrilling NFT game based on the concept of pixelated digital art, whichgives the game a nostalgic retro feel similar to the original Zelda game. This NFT game is based on the Ethereum blockchain network.

The NFTs are represented in the game by colorful eggs, and there are approximately 10,000 of them. Furthermore, this game is an RPG that follows the “Play To Earn” concept. This NFT game incorporates current market trends while also focusing on giving players the best possible user experience.


Illuviam is an open-world fantasy game built on the Ethereum blockchain. This game combines entertainment and blockchain technology. In this NFT game, everything is provided in perfect harmony. The Illuvium NFT game’s metaverse is filled with creatures known as illuvials.

The players capture these fictional creatures, train them, and send them into battle. The creatures are upgraded as a result of the events of heavy battles, and they become a loyal sector of the player’s collection. Non-fungible tokens are used to represent the in-game assets provided in this game. These in-game NFTs can be sold on a variety of secondary markets. With its unique combination of open world and battle-based experience, illuvium is expected to make a massive run in the gaming spectrum this year.


NFT game development is regarded as a top-tier business sector. Every gamer has fantasized about creating their own game and allowing others to share in the joy and profits they have experienced.

As a result, developing a perfect NFT gaming platform and starting a new profitable and entertaining business is possible; this possibility is determined by hiring the best NFT game development company. As a result, now is the time to dive into the world of gaming and make a name for yourself!