Top 5 Motorcycle Helmet Brands in India


Some of the best helmets in the market are Titan’s Fastrack and Aerostar. Fastrack helmets are designed with bespoke and trendy looks. These helmets feature polystyrene EPS (Ethylene Styrene) outer shells and non-allergic cotton interiors. Aerostar helmets were introduced in India by SAI Global Group in 2007. Their robustness, sturdy quality, and competitive pricing make them the leading brands.

LS2 helmets are lightweight

LS2 manufactures a huge range of helmets, but the company’s Indian web site focuses mainly on the LS2. Whether you’re looking for a ‘lightweight’, cheap, or mid-priced option, there’s an LS2 for you. The company’s website lists all of their helmets, with the most recent review at the top.

LS2 FF323 Arrow motorcycle helmets are extremely versatile, with several models available for a wide range of motorbiking styles. The main drawback is fit, especially for people with oval-shaped faces, but the exterior shell is very low-profile so the helmet doesn’t make you look like a mushroom. A helmet that fits you well is a must when you’re on a bike, and the LS2 Beyond will do just that.

The Bell SpeedDial system allows you to loosen or tighten the helmet without any difficulty. This helps in ensuring a proper fit, and the helmet comes with a neck curtain for added protection. This helmet is easy to store in a backpack or pocket, and it is easy to attach. It is also very light, which makes it a popular option for many riders. The LS2 helmet also features GPS navigation.

SMK helmets are made from carbon composite fibre

SMK has become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of motorcycle helmets. With a vast range of helmet designs and state-of-the-art safety features, SMK offers a helmet for every need. SMK helmets are manufactured in cutting-edge laboratories and tested in international homologations to ensure a high level of safety. They are also known for their excellent comfort and look, so you can expect the same from SMK.

The SMK GLCA200 helmet is available in two shell sizes, small and medium. The larger size is made for head sizes that are between Xtra small. Nevertheless, it is difficult to find a 2XL size in stock. If you have a larger head size, you might want to choose the 2XL size instead. It is also designed to fit smaller head sizes.

Vega helmets are popular

Vega motorcycle helmets are well-liked by bikers across India, as they follow ISI safety standards and are very comfortable. The Sage Square Multi-Purpose Half Helmet is a well-designed helmet, featuring high hard shells for strong collision protection, a soft interior, and an adjustable strap. Another popular brand of motorcycle helmets in India is Cruiser, a sub-brand of Vega Industries. Cruiser helmets have unique design concepts and are highly effective in improving the visibility of the rider.

Founded in 1982, Vega is an Indian motorcycle helmet manufacturer with headquarters in Karnataka. They manufacture a variety of helmets and accessories, including motocross goggles, side boxes, and even scarves. Vega motorcycle helmets can range from INR 1,000 to INR 3,000. Their helmets are made from high-quality raw materials, and they reduce the risk of serious head injuries by up to 95%.

Studds helmets are scratch proof

These helmets are designed with scratch-proof features that ensure long-lasting durability and safety. The exterior shell and chin guard are both made of high-impact thermoplastic, and the inner padding is regulated-density EPS with an anti-allergic velveteen lining. The helmet features a multi position articulating visor made of optically-true injected polycarbonate. The chin strap is a quick-release mechanism.

The Aerodynamic model is the best helmet for BMX riders. This high-impact ABS shell makes it scratch proof, and it also offers superior safety and protection. The interior is made of breathable material and features a detachable visor. This lightweight, scratch-resistant helmet is designed for ease of visor fitting and ventilation. The rear-mounted dual exhaust vents prevent fading and are easily removable for cleaning.