Top 5 mobile banking apps in India


Traditional banking is a thing of the past as today more people prefer to choose the option of online banking. These days with mobile apps you can carry out your banking operations while you are on the move.

Since more customers in India are giving preference to mobile banking most of the banks in India are giving the option of mobile banking apps. When you have the mobile banking app installed on your mobile phone there is no need to go to the bank and you also do not require a laptop or a desktop for your banking operations.


This article provides you with a list of the best mobile banking apps in India

1. The bank mobile application from HDFC:

  • With the mobile banking app of HDFC, you can check details like your account summary and funds transfer. It is also possible to pay utility bills as well as credit card bills with the help of the mobile banking app of HDFC.
  • Millions of users have downloaded this application of HDFC which has a high rating on the Google Play Store.
  • The My Menu tab in the HDFC mobile app can be customized by the user and the most frequently used banking services can be added in this single tab.
  • If you are facing issues due to low internet speed then you can download the lite version of the HDFC mobile app which works well even when the internet speed is not good. But one thing to be noted here is that the Lite version does not have all the versions of the original HDFC mobile app but it has all the important and frequently used banking services.
  • One of the best features of the HDFC mobile banking app is that it is also available in the Hindi language.

2. iMobile Application from ICICI Bank:

  • The mobile banking application from ICICI has more than 10 million downloads and today this is the highest-rated mobile banking application on Google Playstore.
  • There are many banking operations that the user can carry out with the ICICI iMobile application like the user can transfer funds, and pay utility bills and credit card bills. Using the iMobile app the user can also manage his ICICI life insurance policies and he can also open recurring as well as fixed deposits.
  • If one wants to locate the ICICI bank ATM then also they can locate using this mobile app and one can also make transfer funds fast through UPI payments. With the ICICI mobile banking app, the user can transfer funds to email as well as to mobile numbers.
  • Updates of the ICICI mobile app are done regularly and these updates are not just for fixing bugs but also to let the customers know about any new services that are available through the app like checking loan eligibility or taking a personal loan against the credit card or upgrading the debit card etc.
  • ICICI has also launched the iWear—ICICI Bank’s smartwatch app using which the user can access his banking information through his smartwatch.

3. Axis Mobile Application of Axis Bank:

  • The mobile app of Axis Bank has more than 5 million downloads and a 4-star rating on Google PlayStore and this app is very popular as it is found to have high stability as compared to some other mobile banking apps.
  • Just like other mobile banking apps the customer can check the account statement and can also do funds transfers and it is also possible to schedule credit card payments on these mobile applications.
  • Through the mobile banking app of Axis bank, it is possible for the user to convert his credit card payment into EMI and he can also block the card and even deactivate debit cards temporarily from the mobile banking app. It is also possible to set the limit on the debit card purchase using the Axis mobile application from Axis bank.
  • It is possible for the users to give standing instructions to the bank using the mobile application and the user can also pay around 200 utility bills using the mobile app from Axis bank.
  • It is also possible for the customer to create a favorite list on the Axis mobile app and the client can also send feedback directly through the app. The client can also request a call from a customer service executive using the app.

4. Anywhere personal application from SBI:

  • For the fundamental banking services, one needs to choose the Anywhere personal application from SBI. We would like to point out here that SBI has many different applications but if you are looking for an app for mobile banking then you must choose this application.
  • This mobile application from SBI was earlier known as the State Bank Freedom app this app has a high rating on Google Play Store and it is available in Hindi as well as English.
  • With this mobile application from SBI, the user can get a mini balance sheet and also access details about the deposits and withdrawals.
  • If the customer wants to transfer funds to a mobile number or email id then they can make use of the mCash feature of this mobile app from SBI.
  • Using this mobile app from SBI the customer can open fixed as well as recurring deposits instantly and he can also schedule transactions and pay utility bills. 
  • This app also has the m-Passbook option from where the user can get the details of the last 150 transactions and the user can also make payments of SBI life premium and payments to billers that are not registered on the app. 

5. Check the M Connect Plus Application of Bank Of Baroda:

  • Bank of Baroda first had the M Connect app and this M Connect Plus app is its upgraded version. 
  • This mobile app from Bank of Baroda which has a high rating on the Google Play Store is found to be a very user-friendly app.
  • This mobile banking app from BOB lets the user transfer funds immediately and he can also pay various utility bills and make credit card payments using this mobile banking application.
  • If the user wants to make cardless cash withdrawals from the BOB ATM then also he can make use of this M Connect Plus mobile app of Bank of Baroda.
  • The customer can get an overview of his account and transactions using this app from Bank of Baroda and he can also request a new checkbook making use of this app from Bank of Baroda.
  • In this upgraded app from BOB, the bugs have been fixed and now it is also possible to add the frequent transactions to the favorite menu. This app from BOB has enhanced the security of the user and it also gives a graph that gives details about the mini statement.
  • The mobile banking app from Bank of Baroda is available in 7 regional languages and hence many people across India can make use of this mobile banking application.


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The best mobile banking apps in India have some really good, highly beneficial, and outstanding features. All the apps listed above have their pros and cons but they surely are very useful for the customers.