Top 5 Exotic Ways To Style Your Home With Hardwood Cladding

hardwood caddling

You can use natural wood for several different purposes. The versatility and beauty remain unmatched building material, and it would add warmth and inviting touch to almost any interior and exterior design elements. So, you can now style your property most exquisitely with the help of hardwood cladding.

These recent trends toward sustainable architecture and all-natural designs have brought ancient construction materials back into the limelight, especially with technological advancements. Nothing in architecture can replace wood as it is the most eco-friendly and renewable building material, causing low environmental effects to create sustainable and healthier living environments.

There are numerous inspiring ways to cladding your building using natural wood. If you are considering using timber for the exterior finishes, check out a few of the trends we have mentioned in our post today. We have brought together various exterior wood cladding ideas from the house of experts that will inspire your upcoming projects.

hardwood caddling

Simplistic Cladding With Vertical Lines

You can only sometimes try for the traditional horizontal lines. Try to use the vertical exterior cladding for a more modern feel. The transparent vertical lines will render your home a stylish and modern look while creating an illusion of height. You can take a strand forward and try playing with the varied forms of cladding orientations creating designs that speak your personality.

The wood cladding treated with heat will create the aesthetics of a modern family brought together with the architectural style of the building with the larger windows. The vertical boards that you order timber online will guide the eyes of the onlookers through the facade and towards the ranging mountains offering the most sublime landscape center stage.

Accentuating With Wood

Whenever combined with other contemporary construction materials like brick or concrete, the wood cladding can also get used as an accent for adding softness and warmth to your building.

Blending in the different surfaces and the textures, grain patterns, and colors or even the shapes and styles is the ideal way to start generating the contrasts by breaking up the longer and flatter facades or highlighting the varied planes for greater dimensions.

Creating the feature walls with Iroko timber against the white finishes of the building will create the most striking contrast while delivering modern aesthetics. The exquisite aesthetics of the thermally modified ash claddings bring into mind the balance and luxury, simple and clearer lines of geometry that complement the minimalistic and modern touch.

Top To Bottom Wood Cladding

One of the most notable aspects of the wood is its versatility. Using them for the deck, claddings, and roofing and extending them to the garden or interior designs for visual appeal and naturalistic beauty will add to your home.

For greater uniformity, the same with the cedar shingles prices are used for every building element. It is the smaller guest house that is completely cladded in the ashwood that gets treated thermally as it is immersed in nature.

The narrower vertical timber boards would cover the entire facade while continuing on the horizontal surfaces that start from the deck and the wooden steps to the wooden pathways through the bog. The same warmer-toned thermo-ash is used across the interior designs, creating a better sense of harmony, unity, and belonging.

Without monotony, you can create perfect hide-away spots for those looking for a nature retreat and wildlife.

Rustic look with Unit knots

You can now embrace the uniqueness and the beauty of wood. The unique knots made out of pine can spruce up the structures to render the natural look and the countryside charm. It is designed to blend into the wilderness, as the wood cladding is ideal for lodges, huts, and cottages.

The expertly sourced softwood is modified naturally to make it a highly strong, durable, and resistant building material. The top-performing thermowood can easily withstand the roughest weather requiring less protective maintenance. Time adds to the finishing touch with the untreated cladding boards taking on these platinum grey hues of naturally aging wood.

Embossed timber

What should you do about the charcoal black faces in your home to those of the ancient masters? It is the bold look for the charred wood borrowing inspiration from the time-tested Japanese tradition of burning wood. These realistic textures and the durable core is achieved with modern technology using a completely flame-free eco-friendly process for thermal modifications.

Irrespective of whether you pick the accent walls or wrap the whole exterior of your home in bolder blacks, the charred cladding is the most attractive choice rendering an ever-lasting style.

Time To Try Out Your Imagination!

The supreme quality and the aesthetics of the thermally modified natural hardwood cladding have inspired different flairs and creativity of ideas related to the wood cladding.

At Southgate Timber, our hardwood cladding can be implemented in numerous creative ways, creating the most eco-friendly and healthier-friendly home and public environments. Consider extending the exterior walls of your home to the garden, along with building a dividing wall or a wooden fence to complement your home. You can even use them to craft the garden furniture, patio, railings, or outbuilding to create a haven reflecting your personality and style!