Top 11 Travel App Ideas to Develop Your Business

Top 11 Travel App Ideas to Develop Your Business

At present, every business is centered on a strong concept, and the travel industry is not an exception to this. Therefore, there are two options available to you – you can either work on the same old idea by making some modifications or generate an innovative idea. It is a fact that individuals like to travel, and therefore, it will be useful to work on travel app development. Furthermore, many people are making use of mobile apps right now. Therefore, your application may be used as well, provided it provides remarkable features such as easy payments, a tour guide, and so on.

There are various purposes for which travel applications can be created, focusing on the demands of the travelers. In this blog, we will mention several well-known travel app ideas along with their uses.

1. City tour guide: Explore renowned and appealing sights

This particular travel app idea will enable you to create an app informing everything regarding city tours, including well-known places to visit, planning the tours according to days, popular places to visit in the close vicinity, and so forth. Apart from this, creating a travel app by using this concept will allow you to come across outstanding eateries, cafés, shopping streets, and so on.

Different features can be introduced for making the travel app better, including:

•          Location monitoring

•          Attractive sites listing

•          Booking transport

•          About locations (ticket wages, opening and closing time, etc.)

2. App for savings and planning a trip

It might be that once you planned a trip, it had to be canceled at the last minute because the expenses were quite high. Consequently, it will be a good idea to come up with a solution that will enable you to save cash so that it will be possible for you to gather adequate money before commencing the trip. This is quite useful for those who end their trip midway simply since they could not foresee the expenses profoundly.

Feather Down happens to be one site that provides an outstanding vacation environment. Besides providing effective services, it likewise offers fantastic discounts and deals. In addition, users will be capable of visiting the website or app while planning their trip, thus preventing any 11th-hour surprise expenses.

3. Social media platform

Some years earlier, individuals made use of travel forums for discussing travel voyages. In contrast, other folks made use of this opportunity to learn more regarding what can be expected on travel expeditions. Thus, it will be possible to create a social media platform based on this concept, allowing travelers to connect, inquire queries, share experiences, obtain reviews, and so forth.

This platform covers a huge audience, and you ought to emphasize an issue if you want the app to be effective. This type of app ought to consist of features such as video and image sharing depending on the location, GPS-based maps, facility for planning the tour, reviews, and rating features.

4. Payment app

It is a fact that mobile payment apps are becoming quite popular right now, and it can be quite useful to have a payment app intended for travelers with all the essential features. A payment app can be packed with an extensive array of useful features travelers need, from ride-booking features to digital travel card integration and currency converter. You might be planning to create a travel app that gets traction instantly. In that case, consider this concept.

Travel cards are provided by lots of hotels and restaurants these days, and the app can integrate these for making use of these cards for playing while traveling. This dedicated payment travel app will likewise be helpful for international tourists when it comes to country-specific currencies and regulations.

5. Language help and translation app

This particular travel app is quite popular, and it needs further development. Many innovative language options can be included with these types of apps, offering features such as voice translation and voice-over.

The app should also be capable of scanning an image and converting any text within the graphic into a native language. Lastly, providing offline access to translation features intended for travelers while traveling will also be useful.

6. App for forecasting the weather

It will be a great idea to create an application offering real-time weather forecasts of the travel spots. This might be quite useful for travelers who are traveling in distant locations with different weather conditions.

The application should offer detailed information regarding the temperature, specific weather conditions, rainfall, and sweat. Besides this, the app must suggest the usage of wearables, which should be carried by you while traveling to such locations.

7. For accessing local public transportation

While traveling, you have to move here and there, and in case you are not aware of how things work in a particular location, there is every chance for you to be cheated. Moreover, it implies that travelers might have to suffer a lot if they don’t know local public transportation. So here, we will be presenting a travel app idea that will assist you in knowing the timing of various local transportation modes.

The app will also enable the commuter to know about car-sharing and other similar services. Moreover, travelers will have a proper idea regarding inter-state and inter-district bus travel amenities and their timings of arrival and departure. This is going to help any traveler who is going to travel between different destinations. The user will also come to know about the bus stops or locations previously visited by them such that it will be possible to save them for any references in the future.

8. App for finding restroom and gas station

It is of prime importance for travelers to get informed about gas stations, garages, restrooms, and other facilities on the road while traveling. For this reason, an app can be built to help travelers. Furthermore, it is also imperative for the app to inform the travelers on the flights and trains and options for taking different routes.

This type of application must also make the commuters informed about the locations where they will satisfy their taste buds by consuming various delicacies. Furthermore, the app should likewise let the people know the locations where they can halt during their journey. These can prove to be quite useful in case one is traveling with their family and kids.

9. Apps for finding tourist spots

Travel mobile app development companies must try to develop apps that will aid travelers in finding new tourist spots and interesting attractions. These apps will enable travelers to find nice eateries, shopping centers, good cafes, locations for capturing nice photographs, and so forth, which one will not easily locate on his own.

One instance of these types of apps is Tripadvisor, which the traveler can use to book their preferred hotels and restaurants. This helps to make the job of the commuter extremely simple while traveling. The app also lets the travelers know regarding the recommendations made by other users of the app, which will make it quite simple to come across interesting locations.

Travelers will be capable of discovering new locations very easily using these types of travel apps.

10. Apps for finding trends and deals nearby

One outstanding travel app development idea happens to be Know Nearby Deals. These types of apps are used extensively by travelers across the globe, and consequently, if you want to create an extremely popular travel app, then go for this travel app concept. These applications will allow you to come across new and existing deals available in the city so that you will be able to save some money.

Suppose travelers like to get some discounts while shopping, these apps will be ideal for them. You will be capable of doing smart shopping with the help of these apps. Once these apps have been downloaded on the mobile gadgets of the folks, they are going to receive notifications regarding fresh arrivals, any special discount, local trends, etc.

Users will be able to control their expenditure with the help of these apps. Moreover, they will be able to compare the prices at various locations, look for bargains, get an idea regarding the sales, etc. a currency converter can also be added to this app if you would like it to be beneficial for the international tourists.

11. Apps for finding kids-friendly locations

It can be quite tough to travel with kids, so it will be advantageous to know about the locations and things that can be accessed by you when you are commuting with children. On most occasions, families search for family-friendly or kid-friendly outlets, cafes, amusement parks, and so on to allow them to have a great time out there.

These travel apps will be useful for the parents who will be able to plan their holidays better while creating memories for the toddlers, which will be remembered for a long time to come. Parents will appreciate these types of travel app ideas, and your business will make huge profits as well.


It is a fact that the tourism industry has developed significantly at present. Therefore, if you can develop decent travel app ideas and implement them properly, then it will be quite profitable for you in the long run.