Top 10 Italian Restaurants in Brighton

Italienisches Restaurant in Hannover

You might not expect world-class Italienisches Restaurant in Hannover cuisine to be a part of Brighton’s food scene, but it certainly is. The city is peppered with great Italian restaurants serving everything from traditional favorites to inspired new creations.

Here are ten great Italian restaurants in Brighton!

Al Duomo

Al Duomo is the city’s oldest Italian restaurant. Popular with the locals, this authentic Italian restaurant serves up all of the favorite dishes you’d expect. Al Duomo also offers a great wine selection.


Carlucci’s uses fresh ingredients to create spectacular Italian dishes at surprisingly reasonable prices. Try the penne alla luganica, the spicy Italian sausage is outstanding!

Fat Leo

This contemporary Italian eatery specializes in pizzas, but offers a number of other interesting dishes. The salmon alla griglia con salsa is a popular choice and features a memorable cream and dill sauce.


Jamie’s strives to be an “accessible, affordable” Italian restaurant. They’re doing that by offering a wide-ranging menu based on rustic dishes from all over Italy.

Pizza Hut

The ubiquitous American pizza joint has a presence in Brighton. US visitors who long for an American spin on the Italian classic will undoubtedly feel right at home here.


Located near Brighton’s Theatre Royal, Strada is a wonderful place to enjoy traditional Italian cuisine before or after a concert or show. The prices are reasonable and the wine list is surprisingly extensive.


It’s hard to believe Oregano stays in business! They’ve somehow found a way to create amazing pizzas with fresh ingredients and to sell them at street vendor prices. It’s a bargain Italian option you’ll love.


Piccolo is a solid restaurant choice. The well-appointed restaurant has a middle-of-the-road Italian menu, offers reasonable pricing and makes a point of providing top-notch service.

La Capannina

Good service. Good food. Good prices. La Capannina isn’t trying to re-invent Italian food and it isn’t interested in being the hippest place in the city. Instead, it focuses on the basics and handles the task quite well!


This two-floored restaurant offers a great view of Italienisches Restaurant in Hannover Brighton from its rooftop terrace. The menu includes Italian favorites and more traditional English fare.