How To Screen Record on Iphone 12


Beginning a screen recording with your iPhone 12 Pro Max is simple as simply swiping down on the Control Center and pressing the screen recording icon. IOS will start recording your iPhone screen as soon as you do that.
I’m constantly teaching people how to get the most value from their iPhones. It’s easy when you’re at the same location as they are, however in certain situations, you may be thousands of miles away. Screen recording has proved useful for me many times more than I can keep track of. I frequently use my iPhone 12 Pro Max to make little walkthroughs or tutorials for my family and friends.

If you’ve been searching for ways to record your Screen for screen recording on iPhone 12, this is the best place to start. Let’s take a look at how to begin screen recording.

How Can you record your Screen iPhone 12?

If this is you, you might want to begin an audio recording of your Screen to make a video tutorial on an iPhone. Perhaps, you’d like to create a screen recording video of something hilarious you observed or saw.
The great thing is you can screen-record on the iPhone 12 Pro Max with minimal effort.
Adding Screen Recording icons to Control Center
Before taking pictures of your iPhone screen, you must enable the controls for recording the Screen in the Control Center. This can be done by turning on a setting in your iPhone.
Follow these steps:
Launch your Settings app.
Click “Control Control”.
Locate The “Screen Recording” option.
After that then, press the “plus” green button next to it to place it in your control center.

How do I turn on Screen Recording?

Once you’ve found the option of recording screen images in Your Control Center, starting screen recordings is a breeze with an iPhone.

Access Control Center. Open Control Center in the iPhone 12. It is done by swiping downwards from the right side just below the notch.
When you are in the Control Center, Look for the control that records the Screen. It resembles the shape of a circle, with an elongated ring around it.
Press that button to start recording on Screen. The recording will begin after three minutes.
This will allow you to save a video from the iPhone 12 screen, along with any sound that comes from the phone.

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What parts of the Screen Are recorded?

While you can record apps for the Apple iPhone 12 screen using the screen recording function, it’s essential to determine which apps get recorded.

The first is that certain apps offer security features that protect against recordings. This, for obvious reasons, is the case for streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. As a result, it would be straightforward for people to offer the content to those who haven’t yet paid for the subscription.
Many third-party apps do not restrict access if they’re streaming services or have a reason to have such security.

Nearly everything else is recorded other than apps that decide to block screen recording. This includes phone calls, notifications, and other notifications that appear on your Screen as you record.

How Do I Make Use of the Screen Recording Function with Sound?

The default setting for screen record on your iPhone will record the sound of iOS and other apps that you have installed on your phone. The recording won’t include a background sound that sounds like your voice.

It’s fantastic to know that you can record from your microphone of the iPhone 12 Pro Max too.

Start the iPhone’s Control Center by swiping down from the upper-right corner.
Long-press the icon of screen recording to alter the settings for screen recording.
In the lower half of the Screen is a microphone icon. Click “Microphone on.”
Click “Start Recording” to start recording the Screen of your iPhone 12 Pro Max.
Similar to the previous example, the video will contain any sound that is heard by the microphone on the Apple iPhone 12.

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How do I stop Screen Recording?

Naturally, once you begin recording your Screen, it’s crucial to be aware of what to do to stop the recording when you’re finished.
Fortunately, this is easy for those with the Apple iPhone 12.
Open Control Center.
Press the recording button on the Screen to stop recording.
There’s a simpler alternative to end recording. When you begin recording video with an Apple iPhone 12, you’ll be able to see that the timer (now substituted by recording timing) in the upper left corner of the Screen changed to red. Click it, and a prompt pops up. Then, simply tap “Stop” to end the recording and save it.

How Do I Modify Screen Recording Settings On iPhone 12?

You can’t alter your resolution, frame rate, or resolution for the file iOS creates for you. The settings are default and aren’t able to be changed.
You can, however, change the application that handles the recording instead of recording the Screen. You can also save the recording onto the camera roll within the Photos app. You can begin broadcasts using Facebook Messenger or record the Screen and then send the video to Gmail.
This is a simple question:
Start Control Centre. Control Centre.
Hold the Screen down until you hit the recording button.
In the center of the display, “Photos” will have an asterisk beside it by default.
Click on another application in the section to switch which app is handling the recorded files on your Screen.

How to screen record iPhone 11 Pro Max?
The ability to record your Screen using an Apple iPhone is a lot simpler than you think. Add this feature to your Control Center and tap the button.

If you’re required to share your screens via iPhone 12 often, this feature by Apple is a boon. However, I’m not sure how many times I’ve used it.

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