Tips for the maintenance of your lace wig


You will find on the internet a multitude of information on how to maintain and care for your lace wig in synthetic or natural hair, we have prepared this article for you which contains the best tips to best maintain your undetectable wig, and we hope that you will find them useful!

8 tips to take care of your lace wig

By following the tips and tricks that follow, you can keep your lace wig looking new for longer and save money by extending its life. We hope you find these tips useful for how to put lace front wig on. In addition, because of their superior quality, their maintenance requires less care and precautions.

1. Have 2 wigs available

You should always have two wigs ready to wear. This way you always have something to wear when you need to wash one. Always protect the unused lace wig with protection to prevent anything from happening to it. This rotation between the two will also extend their lifespan, as well as their aesthetic quality.

2. Remember to protect your scalp

In some cases, the material used for lace front lace wigs is generally coarser than the lace found in clothing. If your lace wig is itching from the forehead to the hairline, we recommend that you dab some protection on the scalp as well as on the underside of the lace. This will prevent the wig from turning on itself, which in itself is a primary source of itching, and the protection will act as a shield at the hairline to prevent itching.

3. Use only products recommended by your supplier.

If you are using hairspray or other styling products, try to avoid those that contain alcohol. Hair spray containing alcohol will dry out the hair of your lace wig. This is because styling products create a buildup on your wig hair, and it’s recommended that you use a deep cleanser every two weeks or so to remove buildup. Never rub the hair together on your lace wig, especially if it is a synthetic wig, as this will cause a scuff burn which will cause it to look frizzy. Rather gently smooth the products along the hair. There are specific maintenance sprays designed specifically for this – only use these dedicated lace wig products to keep them in good condition for a long time.

4. Prefer care products to lace wigs

You should only use lace wig care products as they are specially formulated and dedicated, such as shampoos, conditioners, lace wig oils as well as combs and brushes. Often times you will come across certain products which are advertised as being soft and delicate. These products are DEFINITELY not suitable. They make your wig look dull and cause it to lose its color. Invest in the right care products when purchasing a lace wig.

5. Avoid nylon hairbrushes

Do not use a hairbrush with nylon bristles, especially for curly lace wigs. The loops will open. Use a specific brush.

6. Avoid harmful agents

Excessive heat and cold can damage your lace wig. Avoid direct heat from ovens and hairdryers. Technically, you need to let your synthetic lace wig air dry and if you need a root lift, use curlers that don’t require heat. You can use hairdryers, tweezers and straighteners with ‘real’ lace wigs (in natural hair), but make sure they have a heat sensor and use them at a lower temperature so as not to irreparably damage the hair.

7. Avoid friction.

We recommend that you remove your lace wig when you sleep. The friction with the pillow, the heat of the neck, friction on the clothes, and any other friction will have a negative effect on it, whether synthetic or natural.

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