Tips for Keeping a Home Clean After a Cleaning Service



  1. Put Everything Back in its Place – Before the cleaning service arrives, tidy up and put everything in its place. After the service has finished, be sure to do a final check and put back any items that have become displaced.
  2. Wipe Up Spills Immediately – Clean up spills quickly. This not only keeps the home looking clean, but it also helps prevent stains and damage to surfaces. Our experts use high cleaning tips and our clients get house cleaning service in Los Angeles at an affordable price.
  3. Vacuum Frequently – Vacuum regularly to keep dirt, dust, and pet hair from accumulating.
  4. Dust Regularly – Try to dust every week or two. This will help keep surfaces free of dust and allergens.
  5. Sweep or Vacuum Floors – Sweep or vacuum floors often. This will help keep them free of dirt and debris and will also help prevent grimy buildup and scratches.
  6. Take Care of Upholstery – Vacuum furniture on a regular basis and use spot-cleaning products to take care of spills as soon as they occur.
  7. Mop Floors – Mop kitchen, bathroom, and other hard-surface floors regularly with the appropriate cleaning solution for the surface.
  8. Clean Mirrors and Windows – Clean mirrors and windows once a week to keep them streak-free.
  9. Empty Trash – Empty the trash regularly to prevent odors and pests from taking up residence in your home.
  10. Clean Containers and Cabinets – Wipe down containers and cabinets with a disinfectant periodically. This will help stop the buildup of germs and bacteria.

Safety Considerations When Using a Cleaning Service

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  1. Make sure the service is reliable and well-respected. Check references and read reviews to ensure the service is established and reputable.
  2. Check certifications. Does the service have the necessary credentials to handle the job properly?
  3. Ask about training and safety protocols. Make sure the cleaning service is committed to providing a safe work environment.
  4. Ask about materials and chemicals used. Make sure you are comfortable with the materials and chemicals the cleaning service uses and that they are safe for your property and the environment.
  5. Make sure all safety protocols are in place. Ensure the cleaning service has the necessary fire extinguishers, safety ladders, and other safety equipment at hand.
  6. Verify that the cleaning service is properly insured. Make sure the cleaning service has workers’ compensation, general liability, and auto insurance.
  7. Ask about security. Inquire about the cleaning service’s security measures, such as background checks, remittance policies, and key control.
  8. Make sure the cleaning service is well-prepared. Check that the service is prepared with enough supplies to complete the job.
  9. Document any use of chemicals or hazardous materials. Have the cleaning service document.