Things You Should Know Before Hiring Dry Cleaners in NYC!

Dry cleaning

If you often tend to stint your clothes made from rich fabrics and intricate work, you must be familiar with the term “dry cleaning”. Dry cleaning is a process of using special solvents and cleaning detergents to remove stains and dirt from garments. It is usually done by professional cleaners who specialize in dry cleaning and have all the necessary equipment.

But, what are the types of clothing that require dry cleaning or how is it different from wet cleaning? You will find the answers here! Read further to learn what dry cleaning exactly is, the types of fabrics that should be dry cleaned, the difference between dry cleaning & wet cleaning, and finally good reasons to hire professional dry cleaners in NYC.

What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning stands to be the best laundering method for cleaning delicate fabrics, bed linens, and clothes with embellished works. It is quite similar to the regular home laundering method, except that a liquid solvent is used to remove tough stains and dirt from the garments instead of soap and water.

Professional dry cleaners use gentler laundering mechanisms and specialized cleaning detergents to ensure that the process can effectively remove all stains and dirt on garments. All in all, dry cleaning is the ultimate way to give new life to the clothing’s fabric while maintaining its original quality and color.

What types of Clothes Require Dry Cleaning?

  • Silk: Washing silk fabrics with soap and water can damage their color, shape, and texture. That’s mainly because silk fabrics incorporate strong, natural fibers that do not absorb the dyes used to color them. So, if you want to keep the color and texture of your silk garments intact for years, consider taking to them professional dry cleaners in NYC!
  • Wool: Dipping woolen fabrics into the water can make them shrink. They can be durable only if dry-cleaned by professional cleaners.
  • Leather: You should mandatorily follow the special care instructions provided with your leather garments. Dry-cleaning leather is only done to remove tough stains like oil spills or ink marks from the garment.
  • Denim: Denim, especially the ones in the purest forms, requires proper care despite being durable. Denim fabrics should be washed inside out in cold water and then hung to dry. However, high-end denim garments can benefit more from dry cleaning. So, consider taking your denim clothes to the best laundry service in NYC and get them dry-cleaned.
  • These are some fabric types that necessarily require dry cleaning. Apart from these, you should consider dry cleaning all your clothes that come with the tag “dry clean only”.

How is Dry Cleaning Different from Wet Cleaning?

The most important difference between dry cleaning and wet cleaning is the use of non-water solvents in the dry cleaning process and the use of chemical-free water-based cleaning agents or solvents in the wet cleaning process.

While professional dry cleaning is the process of washing or cleaning clothing and laundry items in anything other than water, professional wet cleaning is the process of washing clothes with water-based solvents and cleaning agents that are non-toxic and chemical-free in nature.

Why Hire Professional Dry Cleaners?

#1. Preserves Delicate Fabrics

Most often, you may notice delicate or sensitive fabric garments losing their shape, shine, and texture as you put them in a washing machine. Sadly, many people aren’t still aware that even the most delicate machine cycles can adversely affect gentle fabrics. Thus, if you want to preserve the quality, color, and texture of your garments for years, consider hiring the best laundry service in NYC.

#2. Removes Tough Stains

If you’ve ever spilled red wine or tomato sauce on your expensive or luxury piece of clothing, you know how hard it is to remove the stain from the garment. Scrubbing the cloth on your own may damage the fabric and that’s why you should consider hiring professional dry cleaners to deal with it. Professional dry cleaners have the experience and the requisite equipment to dissolve grease, oils, and ink stains, letting you redeem your garment in a new-like condition.

#3. Saves Time

Hiring professional dry cleaners does not necessarily cover services designed only to maintain and preserve the quality of clothes. Rather, it’s about saving your time as well. Doing laundry at home can be time-consuming and full of hassles. Thus, consider taking your clothes to a professional dry cleaner instead of spending the entire day laundering your clothes on your own.

Final Words

Now that you have read the entire article, you must be aware of what dry cleaning exactly is, what types of fabrics should be dry cleaned, the difference between wet cleaning & dry cleaning, and why you should consider hiring one of the best dry cleaners in NYC. So, if you have already considered hiring one,  ensure to hand your expensive and luxury clothes to a trusted and reliable dry cleaning company.