Things to know about Sharing and Trust option in Oscam Server


Best Cccam is a type of card sharing protocol which can access the smart card via local LAN or internet to clear channels that the subscription card allows.

Oscam server can even do more than an original Best oscam server. For example, the global load balancer makes sharing a very smart thing. The client does not have to laboriously search for the right cards to open the requested station.

A well-adjusted load balancer already knows which card can and forwards the request directly to the correct card. The load balancer also knows which card is currently the fastest.

The Cccam server gets nothing of this, except that it gets a picture very quickly. There is also an Oscam CCcam protocol that can process the requests asynchronously.

Then we would have the fact that Oscam as good as any popular Pay-TV card can read and it brings us a local map. Or prevent the global cache of multiple requests even on remote maps.

Sharing & trust:

Sharing has always been a matter of trust, but with the best buy oscam server, you need to increase your confidence even further. Oscam is a very powerful cam with which you can do a lot of mischiefs. There will always be users who take every opportunity to gain an advantage.

There is a function called “ignore reshare”, the true meaning of this option is explained below. Meanwhile one finds the attitude also in the oscam. user “cccignorereshare” where one can activate it for each user individually. Unfortunately, the whole has a side effect and that all Reshare rules are bypassed even those of the connected Sharepartner.

If you get a card without Reshare and have set “ignore share”, you can still share the card anyway, as often as you have entered in the oscam.conf under “reshare”.

If you do not want your cards with “ignorer share” distribute the cards, then you should not do it. Apart from that, an attentive Sharepartner should notice it if on maps without Reshare tons of inquiries come from you and will delete you thus with security directly.

By the way, you can also see it if one of its peers has set this option. If all the cards you get from someone, all have the same reshare, then knowingly or unknowingly “ignore share” was set.

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