Things To Know About Motorcycle Brake Fluid For Maintaining Safety


Several factors are taken into consideration when it comes to maintaining an optimum level of riding safety. Wearing protective riding gear, and crash helmets, and maintaining the condition of the vehicle, to name a few. Taking care of the brake fluid of a bike is often the most ignored task by riders and but it is important to take into consideration. When it comes to buying bike spare parts online or offline, it is mandatory to take care of the brake fluid.

So, here in this blog, we will be discussing the importance of motorcycle brake fluid, ways to check it, and the best time to change it. This will help you maintain an optimum level of riding safety to an optimum extent and reach your destination well on time.

Without any further delay, let’s get started on the discussion.

Understand the mechanism of brake fluid in motorcycle

You must be aware of the fact that brake fluid is an important component of the bike that helps in implementing the brakes on time. It is vital to understand the braking mechanism before understanding the relevance of brake fluid.

Brake fluid causes hydraulics in the motorcycle to stop in an instant. And, it works based on the following few steps.

  • Brakes make use of pressurized liquid fluid inside to create mechanical pressure.
  • The mechanical pressure is transferred to the brake pads.
  • After that brake pads cause the wheels to experience resistance.
  • And, this resistance helps in slowing down the vehicle as per your requirement.

In short, if the brake has the required quantity of fluid inside, then it will employ the necessary hydraulics to stop the vehicle on time. The lower the volume of fluid, the lower would be the stopping capacity of the motorcycle.

Different types of motorcycle brake fluids

In general, there are two types of motorcycle brake fluids to find in the marketplace. Glycol-based and silicon-based brake fluids. For the information, DOT 3, DOT 4, and DOT 5.1 are glycol-based brake fluids and DOT 5 is silicone-based fluid.

In most motorcycles available in India, you will find DOT 4 type of brake fluid used in the vehicles. Also, important to know the fact that DOT stands for Department of Transportation which has set the criteria for the motorcycles to use a particular type of brake fluid and stop the vehicle on time.

One of the key important things to know about different types of brake fluids that are categorized into DOT is based on the following conditions.

  • Level of heat resistance capacity.
  • How the fluid can absorb the moisture.
  • The thickness of the fluid.

No matter, which motorcycle you have or thinking to buy the online bike of your choice, you will get to know about its brake fluid based on the two-wheeler manual.

How to check the brake fluid in your motorcycle?

At this point, you have understood the relative importance of motorcycle brake fluid and how it can help in applying brakes on time. So, the concern is how to check the brake fluid in your bike, if you have ridden the vehicle for quite some time now. Concerning the same, there are two ways of checking brake fluid in your motorcycle.

  • Most high-end and premium motorcycles meant for commutation purposes in India feature fluid reservoirs located at the front or above the engine. Sometimes, the fluid tank is translucent to ideally look into the level. If it is not transparent, then you just have to open the screw to know the fluid level.
  • In some entry-level motorcycles, the fluid reserve is located inside and not visible to the eyes of onlookers. The only way to know brake fluid is towards the minimal level is when brakes start performing poorly. And, you find it difficult to stop the vehicle in an instant.

When you should change the brake fluid?

The brake fluid, especially of the DOT 4 category is mostly used in Indian motorcycles and must be replaced with new fluid at regular intervals. At times, continuous usage of the same brake fluid can cause moisture inside and lower the braking capacity. During this point, it is mandatory to change the brake fluid with a genuine quality spare part.

In general, the DOT 4 category of brake fluid must be replaced after one or two years, depending on the motorcycle’s condition. Moreover, it is imperative to change the fluid with the help of an automotive expert.

Key things to keep in mind when changing brake fluid

  • Do not try maxing brake fluid with other forms of liquid.
  • Understand that brake fluid is completely different from engine oil.
  • Use an unopened bottle at the time of changing brake fluid.
  • Do read the brake fluid’s instructions before changing.

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