Things To Know About Bubble Goth

Women’s Gothic Dresses
Goth fashion is a unique kind of fashion which has made its mark in the fashion world. The main motif of this fashion style is to make a woman look bold and beautiful. Therefore, it is distinctive from all other fashion styles out there in the market. It is dramatic, expressive, gloomy and spooky. When a person is donned in goth fashion from head to toe, he looks mysterious. Gothic fashion has a very enriching history. Gothic fashion is highly inspired from the art, architecture and literature of mediaeval Europe and again it draws its inspiration from the punk rock bands of the late 1970’s and the early 1980’s. Many people misinterpret this fashion style and people of this subculture, but just because they look dramatic in appearance, it does not mean that they are a threat to society. Women’s gothic dresses, especially, are designed to make them look powerful and confident. If you look at the gothic literature written by male writers, you will find the female protagonists in the story being portrayed as meek, fragile and low in confidence, and someone who becomes the victim of some unearthly, uncanny figure only to be rescued by the hero of the story. In short, in the gothic novels written by male writers, the female does not have her stand and she cannot protect herself and is dependent on the male protagonist all the time, as if her world revolves around him only. This scenario changes when the female writers write the gothic novels. In this the female protagonist is someone who is confident, outspoken, takes stand for herself and instead of being damsel in distress, fights the situation to get rid of it. This is something that gothic fashion tries to highlight as well. Female gothic outfits break the norm of the patriarchal society and make a woman look strong, powerful, bold and expressive. Whether she wears a gothic gown with a gothic cape or a normal gothic outfit, it seems as if she is coming to conquer the world with her inner strength and beauty. Women’s Gothic Dresses Gothic fashion has evolved over the time and it consists of different subcultures within it. In general, the outfits that people wear in this subculture are generally either black or some other dark and bold colours. However, over the years, with the emergence of different groups within this subculture, a lot of changes have taken place. For instance in the contemporary era, corporate goth, pastel goth and so on are some of the new gothic styles which are trendy today. In corporate goth, everything is minimal from dress to makeup as you have to carry the look to your office. Although you can wear a dark coloured outfit, you have to keep the makeup minimal. Similarly, in pastel goth you can keep everything in pastel colours and still carry the gothic vibe with you. These days, another kind of gothic fashion is talk of the town and that is, bubble goth. Let us now have a look at some of the aspects of bubble goth.

Bubble Goth

Gothic Blouse It is a new kind of goth style which is created by an Estonian pop singer named Kerli Koiv. Her main intention of creating this goth style is to make the beautiful look creepy and the creepy look beautiful. It is nothing but putting the light and dark together. The followers of Kerli Koiv are called moon children and they wear three dots on their forehead to represent Integrity, Love and Unity (I.L.U) which is the motive of this subculture. The style also has the elements of cybergoth. The outfits, whether you wear goth trousers or a goth blouse are in bright and neutral colours. When it comes to the accessories, it consists of a teddy bear wearing a gas mask or china dolls in gothic inspired clothing, the outfit also consists of bullet belts, masks and headphones. You can also wear corsets, platform boots and dresses in pastel hues. When it comes to makeup, it should be bright, consisting of silver, white, black and rhinestones. You need to keep your eyes smokey and you can add some romantic elements and bright colours.

Summing Up

These are some of the aspects of bubble goth style. You can easily get these alternative dresses from different online stores as well.