Things To Do When Lost Your Delivery Package


Shipping a package to your customers and business stakeholders is a matter of great responsibility. It is relevant to ensure the safe delivery of packages to the respective place  on time. The reason why most businesses choose an express delivery service of a courier partner is to ensure the timely shipping of products.

But what if your package gets lost during the shipping process, and you need to know what to do? There are instances of packages getting lost or stolen, sometimes due to courier service partner negligence or due to some unexpected reason. But if you have hired a reliable courier service provider, then there might be some other reason for losing your package.

So here, you will get to know exactly what to do when your package is lost, no matter whether availed of door-to-door delivery or any other package-reaching service.

  • Locate the package: First and foremost thing that you must do to find information about the lost package is to find the last best location. It is imperative to know the last location of the package to gather more information about its current status. Thus to know the location, all you can do is track the information with the tracking details. It helps you know whether your precious package is delivered or not. In case, the status is showing delivered, then it must have been delivered to the wrong address, and you can locate the same.
  • When the package is stolen: There might be an instance of your package getting stolen unexpectedly. In such a case, you have to file a missing report package complaint at the courier service provider. For this, you need to provide the package tracking information and the current whereabouts of the same. There could be another instance of your package getting stolen, even before reaching the particular destination. In that case, you need to file a report along with the shipping information so that the courier partner will investigate the theft well on time.
  • Best way to communicate: It is a matter of great importance to follow open communication between you as a business and the courier service provider. Apart from raising the missing package complaint, you also need to do email follow-ups and other forms of communication. It helps the courier service provider to know what’s going on with your package.

Best way to select a reliable courier service provider

Based on the above-mentioned to do, it is a matter of great importance that you select a trusted courier service provider. And it must be done based on the following few key points.

  • Research a list of the courier service provider in your area and compare their shipping rates.
  • Ask for their different types of package shipping services that must include last-mile and express delivery services.
  • Check out the customer testimonials to know more about their presence and service offerings across different demographics.
  • Check for the package shipping certification on the online platform before availing of the service.


Hiring a courier service partner is essential to ensure the timely and effective delivery of products to customers and other professional stakeholders. You must take into consideration the part of the service along with the things to do when the package gets stolen. No matter what, simply follow open communication with the courier service partner.