The Versatility of Ethyl Alcohol 190 Proof and Ethanol Ethyl Alcohol in Herbal Medicine


Ethyl alcohol 190 proof and ethanol ethyl alcohol are two powerful and versatile substances that play a crucial role in various industries. One of their lesser-known applications is their use as solvents in herbal medicine. These high-proof alcohols are prized for their ability to efficiently extract and preserve the beneficial compounds from plant materials.

Ethyl Alcohol 190 Proof and Ethanol Ethyl Alcohol:

Ethyl alcohol 190 proof is a type of alcohol that contains 95% pure ethanol by volume. Ethanol ethyl alcohol is essentially the same substance, known for its purity and effectiveness. Both are commonly used in laboratories, pharmaceuticals, and industries that require a potent and reliable solvent.

Use as a Solvent for Herbal Medicine:

In herbal medicine, the extraction of active compounds from plants is a crucial step in creating potent and effective remedies. Ethyl alcohol 190 proof and ethanol ethyl alcohol excel in this role due to their ability to dissolve a wide range of compounds, including essential oils, alkaloids, and other bioactive substances found in plants.

These alcohols act as efficient solvents, breaking down the cell walls of plant materials and extracting the medicinal compounds within. This process, known as maceration, allows for the creation of highly concentrated herbal extracts, ensuring that the final product retains the therapeutic properties of the original plant.

Benefits of Ethyl Alcohol as a Solvent:

High Solubility:

Ethyl alcohol’s high solubility makes it an ideal choice for extracting both polar and non-polar compounds from plant materials.

Preservation of Active Compounds:

The use of high-proof alcohols helps preserve the integrity of the extracted compounds, ensuring the herbal extract remains potent and stable over time.


Ethanol ethyl alcohol is versatile and can be used for a broad range of plant materials, making it a go-to solvent in herbal medicine formulations.

Extractohol: Providing High-Quality Products:

One notable brand in the realm of herbal medicine solvents is Extractohol. Recognized for its commitment to quality, Extractohol provides ethyl alcohol solutions designed specifically for herbal extractions. The company’s products, often available in 190-proof formulations, are trusted by herbalists, naturopaths, and manufacturers of herbal remedies.

Extractohol’s high-proof alcohols are triple-filtered to ensure purity and are derived from natural, non-GMO sources. These solvents are free from harmful additives and contaminants, making them an excellent choice for those seeking top-tier extraction solutions for herbal medicine.

Ethyl alcohol 190 proof and ethanol ethyl alcohol play a crucial role in the realm of herbal medicine as powerful solvents. Their ability to efficiently extract and preserve active compounds from plant materials makes them indispensable in the creation of potent herbal remedies. Brands like Extractohol further contribute to the field by providing high-quality, reliable solvents for herbal extractions. As the demand for natural remedies continues to rise, the significance of these versatile alcohols in herbal medicine is likely to grow, paving the way for innovative and effective herbal formulations.