The Ultimate Mattress Wedge Guide

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Many people underestimate the importance of picking the right wedge for bed, however, it is important to fall asleep on a comfortable bed wedge to avert many health issues. To have a good night sleep, your bedroom ambience to your pre-sleep routine, all factors matter, but the most vital is your mattress. This blog mentions the benefits and helpful tips that you should consider while picking a mattress wedge.

Uncover the 5 Benefits of the Under Mattress Bed Wedge 

While some enjoy sleeping on a good-quality mattress wedge, most people pick a mattress while considering their health issues. This section mentions the top benefits of the under mattress wedge:

  • Sleep Break and Snoring¬†

When a person falls asleep horizontally on their bed, it disturbs their airway and gravity operates in resistance to your respiratory system. For some people, it will affect your generic sleeping pattern so picking the right mattress will help you avert snoring and sleep apnea. It repositions your body and removes the occurrences.

  • Eradicate Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a chronic medical problem where your stomach acid steers into your oesophagus and aggravates the oesophagus lining. When it occurs, people might experience a burning sensation after having a meal in their chest when they lay down on the bed. If you want to avoid and prevent acid reflux, then pick a mattress wedge to lift your upper body while you go to bed to sleep. It will prevent acid from carrying to your oesophagus.

  • Back Pain Problem

People suffering from back pain can avoid it by sleeping on a good foam wedge mattress. It provides the right amount of rising to heap the buttocks and spine in the correct alignment. People with upper back problems will benefit and fall asleep by using a foam wedge mattress.

  • Nighttime Breathing Problems and Asthma

For people who are having issues like nighttime breathing and asthma, it is suggested to use a mattress wedge as it combats the intense effects of gravity. It also prevents blood from merging in your lungs which is one of the preliminary reasons for breathing problems.

  • Enhance Sleep Quality

Even if a person has no preceding health problems, sleeping on a mattress wedge will help them avert medical issues and improve sleep quality. It will be comfortable and you will not wake up in the middle due to breathing or acid reflux issues. The mattress will improve the good night sleep you desire. You will be rejuvenated when you awake.

Find Out Helpful 5 Tips For Selecting the Best Mattress Wedge 

The best mattress wedge can enhance medical issues such as acid reflux, asthma, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and other problems. In GERD, stomach acid runs into the oesophagus, causing immense pain and irritation. The symptoms can aggravate when an individual goes to sleep on their bed and lay down, making it challenging to sleep comfortably. However, you can avoid discomfort and uneasiness by sleeping on a mattress wedge. You can acquire benefits from the mattress as it is specifically designed for individuals with acid reflux problems. Below, we have listed the 5 helpful tips that will help you get the right mattress wedge for yourself:

  • Analyse the Mattress Size

Before buying the mattress wedge, examine the size of the mattress. You must be aware of the mattress size so check the size and analyse if you need less or more area. For instance, if you are using a queen size mattress and you need more area, then you can choose a king size mattress or if the queen size is perfect, then pick a new queen size. Do not buy in hurry and pick the mattress after examining the size of the mattress.

  • Requires Low Maintenance¬†

Select a mattress that requires low maintenance. The best mattress wedge can easily endure wear and tear for a prolonged time so make sure that you carefully check its quality. The right mattress wedge is designed and developed with the best material so ensure that you examine the material and its quality.

  • Review the Warranties and Services

Make certain that you follow this tip while selecting the mattress wedge. If you are worried about whether your mattress will last you for an extended time, then do not forget to examine its warranty. Also, review the after services before buying the mattress. Do not forget to review the exclusions, after services and warranty policy. 

  • Analyse the Split Option

Some models of the mattress wedge have a split feature that allows each side of the mattress wedge to adjust unassisted from the other. You can lift it while you are laying down on the bed.

  • Inspect the Additional Features

Inspect the additional features of the mattress wedge that come free of cost so that you do not pay additional charges. Before buying the mattress wedge, analyse the features.