The Sustainability Benefits of Resin Bound Paving and How to Find Eco-Friendly Suppliers.


Are you tired of traditional paving methods that not only lack aesthetic appeal but also harm the environment? Look no further than resin-bound paving, the sustainable solution to your paving needs. Resin-bound paving not only adds a touch of elegance to any space but also contributes to reducing environmental impact. By using eco-friendly materials and reducing waste, resin-bound paving can help you make a positive impact on the planet.

In this article, we will explore the sustainability benefits of resin-bound paving and provide tips on finding eco-friendly suppliers.

Sustainability Benefits of Resin Bound Paving

  • Permeability

Resin-bound paving is permeable, meaning it allows rainwater to drain through the surface and back into the ground. This helps to prevent flooding & reduces the burden on local drainage systems. Additionally, because the water can filter through the ground, it is naturally cleaned, reducing pollution.

  • Reduced Energy Consumption

Because resin-bound paving is installed in one layer, it requires less energy to produce and install than traditional paving methods, such as concrete or asphalt. This reduction in energy consumption results in a lower carbon footprint.

  • Longevity

Resin-bound paving is incredibly durable and can last for years. This means that it does not need to be replaced as frequently as other paving options, reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills.

  • Recyclable

When it does come time to replace a resin-bound paving surface, it can be recycled and used as an aggregate in new surfaces. This significantly reduces the amount of waste produced during the replacement process.

How to Find Eco-Friendly Resin Bound Paving Suppliers?

  • Look for Certifications

When searching for resin-bound paving suppliers, look for companies that have eco-friendly certifications. These certifications indicate that the company has taken steps to reduce its environmental impact.

  • Check Materials

Ask the supplier what materials they use in their resin-bound paving. Look for companies that use environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled aggregates, natural stone, or locally sourced materials.

  • Look for a Cradle to-Cradle Approach.

A cradle-to-cradle approach means that the supplier takes into consideration the entire life cycle of the product, from production to disposal. Look for companies that have a cradle-to-cradle approach and prioritize sustainability throughout the entire process.

  • Ask for References

Ask the supplier for references from previous clients who have used their eco-friendly resin-bound paving. Check the references to ensure that the supplier has a track record of providing high-quality, sustainable products.