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The Price Of A Floor Sanding

The price when you hire help

You will always experience how you can get different prices, depending on who you contact. Therefore, your time is well spent if you select 3 companies from which you obtain quotes. It can be the start of getting the best price.

When you obtain quotes, you are not obligated to accept the ones you receive. But – it can be a good way to sense the price level. Also make sure to get the offers sent – then it will be easier to study closely what is included in the price.

To give you a concrete idea about the price of a floor sanding, it can be around DKK 100 / square meter. There are several factors that can affect your price.

We will look at them below:

How many square meters need to be sanded? Because of course it matters how long the work takes.

What condition is your floor in? If there are a lot of scratches, minor damage and stains that need to be repaired, then it is also one thing that can affect your price.

What finish do you want on your floor? Do you have special wishes for how open or closed the surface should be? And do you have desires for the color the floor ends up getting? Here there may be a difference in the prices of the individual treatments.

Are you at home at work? Depending on how many rooms to work in, it may require a little more coordination work if you are at home. This may mean that it must be agreed when it is possible to work in which rooms.

Before accepting an offer, be absolutely sure of what the offer contains. Is the finishing touches you may need also taken into account? Or is it e.g. an expense that comes in addition. There may be a difference in what the companies include in their prices – so feel free to look it up once more.

The price when you sand the floor yourself

If you want to handle your Gulvafslibning yourself, then the price can be cheaper than when you hire help.

To help you along the way, here is an overview of the things you need to get for work:

  • A floor sander. Of course, you do not have to go out and buy a floor sander. Fortunately, several hardware stores offer that the machines can be rented by them.
  • An edge sander. As you read further up, be careful that the floor sander does not get too close to the edges and panels of the floor. Otherwise they may break. Here you will need an edge sander instead. It will also be a machine you can rent.
  • You will need to use different types of sandpaper. As I said, you have to start the floor sanding with a coarse sanding and then make a fine sanding. For coarse grinding, you typically need to find sandpaper with a grain size of 40.
  • For fine grinding, go up around grain size 80. If you are in doubt about how much you need and the grain size, then you can also get advice and guidance where to buy it. . The more spaces and the more square feet you work on, the more you will need to spend.
  • Post processing. Something you also need to remember to take into account is the price of the finishing touches your floor should have. If you state the number of square meters to be finished, then a professional can often help you further.

Feel free to check the prices of all the materials in different places. There will definitely also be a difference in what the different construction markets charge for things. Therefore, find the best price when you select e.g. 3 DIY stores.

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