The Origins of Lift3 Tuggerah

Gym Central Coast, Tuggerah

Lift3 is a family owned and operated gym on the Central Coast of NSW. We created Lift3 to leave the world a stronger place, for this generation and the next.

For too long we saw the health and fitness industry promoting short term fixes to long term problems. Think, challenges, generic group fitness and random booty workouts. While good intentioned these are creating bad outcomes like disordered eating, injuries and wasting peoples time with no real results.

So we set out to with the philosophy of “doing the right thing is always the right thing to do” to take peoples health to the next level.

Not content with how personal training was being done, we’ve have forged a new path never seen before. One where our clients get to work with a team of specialists in areas such as movement, programming and nutrition to achieve long term and sustainable results. Along the way we realised that traditional physiotherapy was struggling to support our clients needs and we then brought that in house to transform how people rehabilitate from injuries.

With the clients best outcomes at the heart of everything we do, we’re ripping down all barriers that are stopping our clients from living a life enhanced by their health, not hindered by it.