The Industry Leading Scanner Just Got Better


Scanners are a staple tool for many industries, from education and government entities to financial services firms and legal corporations. They can help companies solve their problems, improve efficiency and allow for unparalleled collaboration.

Fujitsu engineers have revolutionized scanner technology, and offer a new line of scanners that have new features to innovate the document-scanning industry. These scanners will provide new tools to help your organization digitize workflows. You will be able to take data that previously existed only on paper and use it digitally.

The World’s Most Popular Scanner

Fujitsu is the proud producer of the world’s most popular scanner, the Fujitsu fi-7160. This much-loved model provides clean image quality and industry-leading reliability and is able to handle all front-office scanning. Fast, flexible, and compliant with federal government regulations, the fi-7160 is the workhorse companies rely on for all their scanning needs.

However, for companies that have more robust scanning needs, Fujitsu is introducing the next generation of their best-in-class document scanner: the fi-8000 series scanners.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

With innovative technology that boasts 32 pending patents, the Fujitsu fi-8000 series is set to truly revolutionize the document imaging market. This new series of scanners employs industry-first features to help organizations digitize workflows and leverage data that previously only existed on paper.

As companies continue to work in a more hybrid fashion, they need a wider range of digital tools to help them. Digital transformation requires companies to provide the right tools and the support they need to use them effectively. Partnering with the new scanners from Fujitsu can assist forward-thinking entities to achieve those goals.

What Is Clear Image Capture (CIC)?

Clear Image Capture is a breakthrough optical technology that resets the benchmark for high-quality image capture. CIC produces precise, crisp images ready for data extraction. In addition to removing unwanted document watermarks and artifacts, CIC delivers industry-leading OCR accuracy rates. This revolutionary technology ensures accurate, editable PDFs that are ready for your work teams.

What Other Features Does the fi-8000 Series Offer?

The Fujitsu fi-8000 series supports a wide range of documents and empowers users to accurately capture and digitize customer and employee data, enrollment applications, invoices, receipts and more. The series enables unprecedented scanning at scale in an easy-to-use, compact form factor ideal for front or back-office operations.

In addition to the new Clear Image Capture technology, the fi-8000 innovative features include:

  • Manual Feed Mode
  • Automation Separation Control
  • Improved Document Protection
  • Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection
  • Multi-Feed Detection
  • Overscan Control

Can You Leverage This Innovative Technology at Home?

Fujitsu allows you to leverage this innovative technology right in your own home. The scansnap-ix 1400 takes the convenience and reliability that you count on at work and translate it into a tool that is perfect for home use. The easy-to-use scansnap-ix 1400 can help you:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Increase your productivity
  • Stay organized

Rely on Fujitsu to provide the scanner technology your company needs to execute a digital transformation. The existing and new line of scanners have the features you need to help your organization digitize workflows.