The Impact of Automotive Printed circuit boards on the Automotive Industry


Market overview

The printed circuit boards are used in all but the simplest electronic products. They are used in some electrical products, such as passive switch boxes. Replacements of PCB include wire wrap and point-to-point construction, both were once upon a time popular, but now they are rarely used. PCB require the additional design to layout the circuit, but manufacturing and assembling can be automated.

Electronic computer-supported design software is available to do much of the layout work. Mass-producing circuits with PCB are faster and cheaper than other wiring methods, as components are climbed up and wired in one operation. More numbers of PCB can be made-up simultaneously, and the layout has to be done only once. With decreased benefits, PCB can also be made manually in small quantities. The automotive printed circuit boards market is estimated to have a CAGR of 6% during the predicted period.

The growing electric vehicles sales are operating the market growth due to the increase in concern of emissions from vehicles globally and growing government initiatives to increase the sales of electric vehicles. The Norway government is providing advantages like exemption from import duty, no road tax, and also investing a heavy amount in structure to promote the sales of electric vehicles and make the region an Eco-drive zone by 2025. A rise in sales of electric vehicles and the adoption of advanced driver assistance system technology are likely to operate the demand for the automotive printed circuit boards market during the estimated period.

Market segmentation

The market is segmented by type, end-user, application, and region.

By type

  • Single-sided
  • Double-sided
  • Multi-layer

By vehicle type

  • Battery electric vehicles (bevs)
  • Hybrid electric vehicles (hevs)
  • Internal combustion engine (ice) vehicles

By end-user

  • Passenger car
  • Commercial vehicle

By application

  • Adas
  • Body and comfort
  • Infotainment system
  • Power traincomponents
  • Others

By level of autonomous driving


  • Semi-autonomous
  • Conventional

By region

  • North america
  • Europe
  • Asia pacific
  • Rest of the world

Regional analysis

Asia pacific is expected to dominate the PCB market for automotive by volume and value. The growth of the market is due to the rising in production and demand for passenger cars and electric vehicles. The rise in the market share of growing purchasing power of the consumers, advanced electronics in vehicles and good consumer awareness of safety structures in the developing countries are the main factors operating the PCB market for automotive in Asia pacific region.

Industrial news

This automotive printed circuit boards market report says it has explored the new developments, trends, and prospects and forecasts the current status and prospects of the market from 2022 to 2029.

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