The Hidden Cause of Your Brain Fog


Congestive heart failure and extensive cognitive impairment (“mush brain”) are often the cause of alcoholics requiring long-term hospitalization or nursing home care. Cirrhosis, pancreatitis, and cardiovascular disease are some of the more common damaging effects of chronic alcohol abuse, but wet brain is also one of the lesser-known effects of alcohol addiction. Wet brain in aslcoholics is less common than some of the other side effects of alcohol abuse, but it can still occur. Here are the facts about wet brain causes, symptoms, and treatment. If you’re concerned about vitamin B1 depletion or know someone experiencing co-occurring wet brain symptoms as a result of drinking alcohol, it’s essential that you get professional help.

Frankly, it’s just something that I had given up the notion of having years ago. Make a good first impression every time. When years have passed and memories get fuzzy, the reason for a particular visit or what was discussed doesn’t seem to matter a whole lot. It’s the feeling you took away from those collective experiences when they all blend together. And I remember how tightly my grandmother would hug me and how she would look at me — really look at me — each time I walked through the door of her apartment.

His album is only about 30 minutes long so we’re onto Round 3. Sometime during Round 2, Henry stopped screaming and Lilly stopped kicking Elliott’s seat. Now Elliott and I are driving nose down, fingers-crossed, hoping not to disturb the equilibrium. This is day 1 of our first family road trip. That’s right – a road trip with a 3 year old and an 8 month old. Maybe we’re adventurous, maybe we’re nuts.

He woke up calm as Lilly finished her movie. We took a potty break for Lilly and fed Henry and figured we’ll just drive until we find a place for dinner and then find a hotel. They crack me up every time I look at them. So, first order of business at Dutch Wonderland for Lilly was face-painting. Elliott and I exchanged a knowing glance that this would have to last ALL day and she’d have to have a chance to get a good, long look before bed. What we didn’t consider was that it was already about 100 degrees and it was 11 a.m.

Your GP can provide advice on how to restore your health and may also to refer you to a sleep specialist, dietician, psychologist or other specialist for additional support. For many people, it will take something such as a heart attack, chronic fatigue, a major depressive episode or a motor vehicle accident to re-assess things. None of these are at all fun, so rather health topics than continue along this exhausting, unhealthy mushy-brained path, there are some simple but very important things you can do. WKS is caused by a lack of Vitamin B1 (thiamine) as alcohol decreases the body’s ability to properly absorb it and process it. Treatment is stopping all consumption of alcohol and beginning supplements of thiamine under close supervision.

  1. These therapies help the person understand the sources of their alcohol addiction and develop better coping mechanisms to deal with cravings and stress.
  2. Continuing your addiction treatment with a drug and alcohol rehab program can help you develop the necessary life skills and coping strategies to maintain your sobriety.
  3. Thankfully there was a hiatus from the the screaming while he tasted his first Italian ice.
  4. It is an essential vitamin that is not produced naturally by your body, so it must be consumed from outside sources.
  5. Wet brain can progress in a specific pattern, or both Wernicke encephalopathy and Korsakoff’s syndrome can develop together.

A foggy brain isn’t always the result of internal factors, but sometimes also caused by external factors, such as your working environment. The brain is not only soft, but it has kind of bumpy, grooved, or wrinkly surface. If you were to unfold the brain, it would take up quite a bit of space. Some people have estimated it would cover an area the size of one to two pages of a newspaper. That’s a lot of brain tucked into your skull.

Can You Reverse Wet Brain?

We knew we wouldn’t be leaving before the 4th of July so we’d have to get through at least 48 hours here and hope the kids would recover enough for the long drive home to be tolerable. Our plans to stop at another amusement park, Dutch Wonderland, on the way home were demoted to “we’ll see” status. Lilly was stirring once again and she does not do well with late naps. Henry was also stirring on and off, but thus far had mostly been returning to sleep with little fussing.

Moyamoya symptoms

Sleep is an immensely precious commodity that can do wonders for your brain and body, so don’t sacrifice it for phone scrolling, Netflix or anything else which isn’t incredibly important to you. If possible, it is best to have a regular sleep routine and avoid screen time and stimulating substances before hitting the hay. If you perform shift work, you may need to take further measures to make sure you get enough of the good stuff. Multi-tasking is really just divided attention and constantly switching back and forth puts a rather large strain on the brain. When we mindfully work on one thing at a time, we can concentrate far better and often enter a state of flow. Start by switching off distracting notifications, put away that second screen and allow your brain the luxury of focusing on just one thing.

Really, it doesn’t matter what happened after that. Those greetings told me how much I was loved and that what are sober living homes is what I carry with me today. So don’t let a first impression be just one time, make it every time.

What Is Alcoholism-Caused Wet Brain?

And it turns out that the best way to un-mush your brain looks a whole lot like the active recovery techniques you apply after the gym. Which means they require a little energy and a bit of strategy. I am quite familiar with anxiety turning my brain to mush. I’ll bring someone along to any important medical appointment because I know that my mind is apt to race, go blank, flood or freeze.

Sometimes it will be beneficial to chat with a friend, a trusted colleague or a family member. Sometimes talking may not help -you may just need a hug and for someone else to clean the kitchen. Many people try what is a halfway house? what to expect in halfway housing mindfulness and think that they are “no good at it” because they notice so many thoughts running through their heads. This is in fact entirely normal and a very important part of practicing mindfulness.

Brain Mush? What to Do When You’re Feeling Distracted or Unmotivated

Unfortunately that was right around the time Elliott and I moved out of New York, so I haven’t had a chance to enjoy it as much as I would have liked. But the thought of Lilly and Henry getting a chance to know this lake and have fun here is so heart-warming to me. The flip side is that I do still have a brother and his family in NY and seeing him will be harder now. There are fewer reasons to get to NY, one less place to stay, and likely fewer holidays celebrated there. And I find myself mourning the loss of our NY roots. We’ve been New Yorkers since our family migrated here from Ireland and Italy generations ago.

When we normalise working this way and feeling this way, we put ourselves at great risk of experiencing serious mental and physical health problems. Mushy brain can be extremely dangerous. Hospital emergency rooms are full of people who have made mushy-brained mistakes. In the waiting room you will find exhausted parents with dropped babies, exhausted chefs with sliced fingers and exhausted motorists with air-bag blackened eyes. If you need help, just hope your doctor isn’t at the end of an epic shift and feeling mushy-brained themself. Mushy brain is a sign that things aren’t right and it shouldn’t be ignored.

It is peaceful to sing quietly in a dark room; and it’s comforting to know that this little being is quite possibly the only being on Earth who enjoys hearing my voice. The simple act of singing is just magic between parent and child. After wearing everyone out with a half day at Great Wolf Lodge, we’re back in the car for our first long leg of the trip. Once again we were pleased with the family-friendliness of our choice of destination. Of course, this is the reason why these stops were added to our road trip, but since we hadn’t actually been to either GWL or Idlewild, you never know for sure.

Hericium erinaceus a culinary and medicinal mushroom is a well established candidate for brain and nerve health. Ganoderma lucidum, Grifola frondosa and Sarcodon scabrosus have been reported to have neurite outgrowth and neuronal health benefits. The number of mushrooms, however, studied for neurohealth activity are few compared to the more than species of edible and / or medicinal mushrooms identified.

About 1-2 percent of the population is affected by wet brain, according to research by the National Organization for Rare Disorders. Men suffering from alcohol abuse, between years, are slightly more affected than women of the same age. Of those who develop Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, about 25 percent require long-term treatment in a hospital setting. There’s no single test for the syndrome, but a good indication, particularly when disorientation and confusion are apparent, is testing vitamin B1 levels in the blood. Research conducted by the Alzheimer’s Association estimates that when caught early enough, approximately 25 percent of people will recover, 50 percent will improve and 25 percent will stay the same. However, once the syndrome has progressed to the point of no return—no new memories or experiences, no reversing the symptoms—the disease is generally fatal.