The Fountain Pen Benefits That Will Change The Way You Write


Hands down, one of the best types of pens to use for any purpose are fountain pens. The unique features of Lamy 2000 fountain pens make them the kind of pen that professionals, artists, and even amateurs turn to in order to get their tasks done effectively and beautifully. Irrespective of what you are looking for or are tired of writing with the same old type of pen, it’s time to turn to fountain pens to give your life some flare! Here are the top benefits of using a fountain pen.

Lasts For Generations 

Fountain pens last a long time; in fact, they last for generations. Some antique models can fetch thousands of dollars and even outperform their modern counterparts. The pen’s lifespan is one of its biggest benefits since it means that with a fountain pen, you’ll be getting more than just a writing instrument; you’ll be passing down a heirloom to your children and grandchildren.

Gateway For New Hobby

Filling up a journal with thoughts, reflections and ideas is a relaxing hobby, but you can make it even more enjoyable by using a Lamy Fountain Pen. Fountain pens are created to offer a smooth writing experience that enhances concentration and helps reduce writer’s block. You may need to test a few models to find one that suits you – which you might do after trying just one – and then enjoy! There’s no need to start from scratch as most fountain pens come pre-filled, so there’s no mess or fuss getting started. That makes them ideal for those who have never used one before as well as those looking for another form of art in their lives.

Years Of Pleasure

Fountain pens are often considered works of art. Aside from being a pleasure to use, they’re also quite durable. If you take good care of it, your fountain pen could last for decades or longer, making your initial investment seem much smaller over time. Fountain pens are also great if you have an active lifestyle since they won’t get damaged when dropped or thrown in a bag with other items.

A Luxurious And Expressive Writing Experience

Fountain pens are like no other writing instrument. It’s an experience that just any old pen can’t replicate. Whether you enjoy how it feels as you write or love seeing your unique scrawl as it turns into text on a page, there is something about using a fountain pen that is inviting and exciting. If you’ve ever written with one before and loved every moment of it, there is no reason why you should quit using them to scribble your thoughts and notes down—or even start journaling in earnest!

Improves Handwriting

Writing with a fountain pen helps improve your handwriting by forcing you to slow down and think about what you’re writing. It’s easy to fall into a habit of writing quickly or even carelessly when using ballpoint pens or computer keyboards, but taking time to write properly will make your handwriting more clear and easy to read. There are some who will tell you that fountain pens can actually help correct bad habits by forcing users back into good technique, which may very well be true. Writing with a Lamy Fountain Pen can also help increase stamina in your hand muscles, reduce cramping over long periods of time, and improve dexterity for those suffering from arthritis.

Comfortable Grip

Some people are comfortable holding a fountain pen because of its shape. Compared to other pens, fountain pens have a more comfortable grip on your hand, making them easier to hold for long hours. A lot of people prefer writing with fountain pens because of how they feel on their hands. Aside from being ergonomic, some fountain pens have different textures for you to choose from, depending on what you like.

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