The essentiality of a security blanket for organizations and how it leads to asset protection



A high level of security is extremely important for providing a safe and conducive environment for the employees to work in. Industrial safety and security is important for the continuity of the national economy. In the past, there have been several instances when an attack on our industrial setup has derailed the progress of the economy. Despite the presence of armed security guards, we have witnessed some of the most gruesome and tragic situations in which industrial infrastructure has been damaged. This means that we need to strengthen our security aspects and provide a security blanket that is difficult to breach.

The essentiality of a security blanket

A security blanket is a shield that protects from various types of threats. It is essential for the functioning of a business as well as maintenance of continuity in an organisation. A security blanket provides a safe and secure environment for the employees and facilitates the growth of the organisation. It helps in eliminating various losses and minimising threats that may emerge from various stakeholders.

In the past, it has been observed that various organizations are reluctant to invest in security related aspects. It needs to be noted at this point in time that security related aspects are the most productive investment that an organization can make. This is because security management is not only related to neutralizing external threats and safety within an organisation but it also takes care of suspicious activity that may occur in the surroundings. In this way, security services are both preventive as well as protective in nature.

The presence of a robust security system also acts as a psychological deterrent for criminal activity. Various security systems function in consonance with other departments to handle security aspects and operational aspects within an organisation in times of contingency. Security services provide surveillance mechanisms and alert the organisation in advance in case of a threat. They also help in plugging various vulnerabilities and bridging the gaps in the security infrastructure of an organisation.

Asset protection

There are three important assets that security services protect. The first aspect of asset protection is related to protection of property. This includes protection of infrastructure as well as vital installations and physical assets of an organisation. The second important aspect of asset protection is related to human resources. Security services provide protection to employees of an organisation as well as other workforce that is functioning there. Finally, the third important aspect of asset protection is related to protection of information. The information may be stored in the form of critical documents and other files that are sensitive and of utmost importance to business organizations.

Security standards

The security standards have undergone a phenomenal change in the last few years. Securities agencies have become more professional as they have stressed more on training aspects after the recruitment process. The focus on research and development has been a recent achievement of security services and this has further improved the security standards. In addition to this, the area of responsibility of security agencies has also diversified.

Security standards serve a multitude of purposes. Firstly, they provide a roadmap to the security agencies to operate in various situations. Secondly, they improve the efficiency of the security services. Following particular security standards also means cost-effectiveness in terms of defense operations. High-quality service delivery is possible when a security organization sticks to high standards. It also increases transparency as well as accountability within the security organization. Finally, it also provides a framework for command and control operations.

Sticking to high-quality standards acts as a confidence builder for the security organization. It also leads to a great work culture within the security organization. High-quality security standards not only benefit the security services but also the various stakeholders to whom the service delivery is provided.

Concluding remarks and the way ahead

There is a need to invest in security services and provide our armed security guards with more training related to defense mechanisms. We can also invest in such information, communication, and technology systems that modernize our security services in the age of industry 4.0.