The Dominica Banking License and Its Amazing Offers

Dominica banking license

Dominica’s banking license is a licensing requirement imposed by the corporate regulator on all banks incorporated in Dominica. This license allows them to function and carry out economic activities. It has been in existence for many years now, and this is the first time that one is being applied for. The fee for obtaining this license is to be paid by the bank; it is not a fee imposed by the government. Getting this license can range from $15,000 and $20,000, depending on how much information needs to be submitted by the applicant.

Why is the Dominica banking license being considered?

The Dominica banking license is being considered because it can improve the country’s financial standing, and it will help increase jobs and enhance investments in the country. A more stable banking system is only possible when there is competition among banks so that they can still perform well in comparison to other financial institutions. The regulators are trying to ensure that there will never be any monopoly situation in this industry. 

Dominica bank license allows you to offer

  1. Bank Accounts :

This license allows you to operate bank accounts on behalf of clients without establishing a branch, unlike the second category of Non-Resident Bank License.

  1. Saving Accounts :

This license allows you to offer savings accounts to clients without establishing a branch; the most common types of saving accounts are Accumulated interest savings accounts and term deposits.

  1. Debit Cards :

A debit card is an electronic payment card that allows you to make automatic payments from a customer’s bank account at the point of sale. You can offer a debit card to your customer with the bank accounts you have approved by comic license.

  1. Asset Protection Structures :

This license allows you to offer asset protection to your customer with the accounts approved by the dominica banking license.

  1. Tax Planning Vehicles :

This license allows you to offer legal tax planning vehicles to your customer without opening a branch.

  1. Tax Efficient Loans :

The tax-efficient loan is a type of loan that your client can offer without opening a branch. This is an important asset you can offer your customers with the bank accounts approved by Dominica banking license.

  1. Wealth Management Services :

Wealth management services refer to managing a client’s wealth by taking charge of his asset allocation among different investment products. You can only offer this service by having the account approved by a comic license.

  1. Credit Cards :

If you want to offer a credit card to your customer with the bank accounts approved by the Dominica banking license, you must obtain this license.

Requirement and procedures of dominica banking license.

The applicants applying for the Dominica banking license must make sure that they meet all the criteria and standards set by the regulator. The complete list of client identification program requirements is available on their website so that offshore consulting company can be evaluated appropriately by those applying for it.

  1. The applicant must meet the requirement in terms of minimum initial paid-up capital requirements.
  2. The application should not be more than three years old, and a new application may not be submitted if there is an older one pending.
  3. The applicant must also make sure that their organizational structure meets the criteria set by the bank supervisor.
  4. Some requirements are set to ensure that the company has enough compliance officers and resources to run its functions and operations effectively and efficiently.
  5. There should also be information about their business strategies and plans, including the bank’s online presence, to bring about competition with others for better performance and service delivery to customers around Dominica.

This process is done in three phases in terms of the application procedure. A typical bank will have to get an issued certificate of incorporation from the registrar of companies in Dominica. When this phase is completed, it will open a business account with a local commercial bank. This is done to prove that the bank has already started doing business operations in Dominica.

Can foreign banks apply for the dominica banking license?

Yes, foreign banks can apply for this license. However, they must first submit a bank application form and its financial statements from their home country and pay a non-refundable transfer tax of $15,000 or $20,000, depending on their financial standing and size.


In this Conclusion, we have introduced you to all of the basics of this license. The Dominica banking license is perfect because it will help businesses in Dominica get trust from their customers and increase investments in the country. It will also help provide many jobs and opportunities, which all people in Dominica need.