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Further, accounts receivable are recorded as current assets in your company’s balance sheet. On the other hand, accounts payable refers to the amount you owe to your suppliers for goods or services received from them. Thus, the purchases account gets debited, and the accounts payable account gets credited. Furthermore, it is recorded as current liabilities on your company’s balance sheet. One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing accounts payable processes is the potential for significant cost savings.

In some companies, one specific accountant may be responsible for all accounts payable. In other cases, one accountant is responsible for all of the company’s accounting, AP included. One employee may have one way of doing things, while another may do the same tasks differently. Implementing an automated accounts payable process is a simple yet effective way to get everyone on the AP team on the same page. Small expenses such as miscellaneous postage, out-of-pocket office supplies or company meeting lunch are handled as petty cash.

Receive Invoices

The cost of accounts payable services is variable from business to business, as the extent of services required varies based on the volume of incoming payments. For example, imagine a business gets a $500 invoice for office supplies. When the AP department receives the invoice, it records a $500 credit in accounts payable and a $500 debit to office supply expense. The $500 debit to office supply expense flows through to the income statement at this point, so the company has recorded the purchase transaction even though cash has not been paid out.

  • Generally, the accounts payable provides administrative and clerical support for a subset of a company’s financial needs.
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  • This means that XYZ Tire Company takes an average of 41 days to pay its invoices.

The accounts payable turnover refers to a ratio that measures how quickly your business makes payment to its suppliers. That is, it indicates the number of times your business makes payments to its suppliers in a specific period of time. Thus, the accounts payable turnover ratio demonstrates your business’s efficiency in meeting its short-term debt obligations. You need to ensure that a centralized invoice processing system is at the place.

Review for Approval

Thus, the accounts payable turnover ratio indicates the short-term liquidity of your business. It reflects the number of times your business makes payments to its suppliers in a specific period of time. In other words, the accounts payable turnover ratio signifies the efficiency of your firm in meeting its short-term obligations and making payments to suppliers.

What is Accounts Payable Turnover?

You will stand out from the rest of businesses and are likely to get credit benefits as well. According to a study from, labor costs contribute to 62% of a typical company’s AP expenses. An invoice data capture tool automatically extracts information from your invoice.

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And when it’s time for you to go back and audit the trail of documents, you may have limited access to be able to find where something went wrong. If this is the case, a small error can quickly turn into a huge hassle that goes unresolved for days or weeks. It would be wise to identify if the outsourced solution is leveraging complete AP Automation or manually keying in data for any step in the process. But that doesn’t mean all you’d spend your time doing is writing checks (or, in the modern sense, paying bills online).

Time Efficiency

There are multiple ways to improve the operation of an accounts payable process. One is to require all new suppliers to fill out a Form W-9 before they are initially paid. This is the only point at which the company has leverage over them to obtain the form, so that it can issue a Form 1099 following the end of the year. Yet another best practice is to make electronic payments, thereby streamlining the payment process; printing and mailing checks is less efficient. All of these best practices are intended to improve the efficiency of the payables process.

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From missed due dates or non-payments, vendors will be in touch with the AP department to track down the status of their payment which again, takes away valuable time from accounts payable. No matter the circumstance, when a vendor is missing a payment, it’s always your fault. Vendors will sometimes resend the same invoice and through multiple mediums to ensure they are paid, which as mentioned in the previous listed issue, can result in double-paying an invoice. Our average revenue per user arpus are designed to scale with the expansion of your business. Regardless of whether you experience seasonal fluctuations, mergers, acquisitions, or expanding operations, we can adapt our services to meet your changing needs. Our adaptable solutions guarantee you have the necessary resources and support as your business grows.