The Biggest Problem With ACCA and The Solution


ACCA, which stands for Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, was started by a few accountants in 1903 and is now a global body of more than 200,000 members which is
increasing at an alarming rate, with more than 500,000 students at present. This proves that the ACCA is a highly credible and rewarding qualification that will give you ACCA status and membership, as well as better career prospects and financial gains in the future. The best part is that you can opt for this qualification while sitting in the comfort of your home by taking ACCA online classes from any of the top online institutes worldwide. However, success and qualification do not come that easily, do they? With all the perks and opportunities that ACCA offers, it does have its share of problems.

The Biggest Problem with ACCA is Inconsistency Due To The difficulty

Now, what does this mean? First of all, these are 2 problems interrelated with one another. The second part of the problem is the difficulty. Yes ACCA is difficult, it’s tricky and technical and why shouldn’t it be? It’s preparing you for a world of prosperous opportunities so it should test whether you are capable and worthy of the qualification or not. The first part of the problem that js in consistency due to the difficulty level of ACCA.

This means that students start with their qualification and then leave it after 3 or 4 papers because they are not able to cope with it and hence, do not complete it. Some students are planning to start but do not because their friends and relatives discourage them by saying ACCA is difficult. Another factor is that students give all the 14 papers and also clear them but do not continue with the articles which is necessary to become an ACCA member and a qualified chartered accountant.

Another problem with ACCA is financial pressure. This qualification is not cheap but expensive, but if you look at it this way, the rate of return is very high as compared to other educational degrees or qualifications. Education should never be considered a cost but rather an investment in oneself as it always pays later in the future. The answer to this is that there are many scholarships and loan programs available to which you can avail and gain your ACCA.

The solution

Where there are problems, there are solutions also available for sure. One of them is by enrolling in one of the top ACCA courses in Dubai if you are based in UAE and for others let’s dig further.

● First of all, no education or degree or qualification is easy. You have to understand, learn
and practice to make it easy for you. You are not born with all the I formation but you will
have to insert it all into your brain. You will have to study hard and smart and this will not
be impossible. Devise a strategic study plan that takes into account your topics, your
lifestyle, and your study hours and follow it religiously and you will see how it becomes a
piece of cake for you.

● Along with hard work, you need to shut off all the negative forces and open the doors of
positivity and encouragement. Stay around people who motivate you rather than
demotivate you. Remember nothing is impossible if you put your mind and heart into it.
History proves that there have been many individuals with successful ACCA careers and
top positions. They are no different than you, they conquered their fear and trusted
themselves and you can too.

● Time management is also very important. You should be dedicated and persevere to
plan your time wisely for your study. Manage your time in such a way that it includes
your leisure and family as well because without this you will get frustrated and motivated.
Keep more time for practice so that you ace your papers at the earliest. ACCA is very
much flexible, you can do it even if you are a working person or even a business person. For that, you can study ACCA Online which also saves time.

● Stay calm and do not stress. Stress and anxiety is the biggest enemy of your result and
education. Trust yourself and be sure that you can do it. You have to compete with
yourself and then you will easily clear your ACCA qualification without any difficulty.