The Best DVC Resale Listings Across The Web

Best DVC Resale Listings

If you’re looking for a DVC membership or other related Disney services and products to buy, and you’re wanting to learn some more information on how you can get your hands on them, then this DVC resale listing article, like DVC Resale Experts, is for you.

Whether you’re wanting to buy or sell a DVC resale listing, this article is how you can get your understanding up and ready for when it’s your time to purchase a DVC resale listing that you want. 

What Is A DVC Resale Listing?

So, let’s start off with what a DVC resale listing is. The whole purpose of these listings is they’re a showcase of what members of the Disney Vacation Club has to offer to potential buyers opportunities such as estates, points, or memberships available from other owners.

This process covers all of Disney’s resorts and there are more than a handful to choose from with which you might be interested. Instead of purchasing the original listing from Disney itself, you’re able to buy from an owner, either saving you money or receiving more benefits than you would do on an original listing, compared to a resale one. 

There are a lot of different benefits that you can receive from purchasing a DVC resale listing, including discounts and meal plans that weren’t originally a part of the listing that the owner of the DVC resale listing might’ve had and included in the deal. 

If you’re wanting something specific, that isn’t located or available in Disney’s corner anymore, then you can bet that you are more than likely to find what you want in a DVC resale listing. 

Is It Worth Buying DVC Resale Listing?

In short, yes, it is seriously worth purchasing a DVC resale listing, especially if you’re looking into how much money you can save from purchasing them compared to the original listings from Disney. (DVC points have the ability to be 70% cheaper!)

A great worthfullness that a lot of people like about DVC resale listings is that when you’re looking for a specific resort in Disney that might be completely sold out, there’s a chance that the resale listing will be able to offer a place to stay at the resort through a listing, and not only will you most likely get it cheaper, you’ll also receive a bunch of other bonuses and benefits. 

Something that a lot of people like, parents especially, is the fact that DVC members get free parking, and that applies to when you purchase a DVC resale listing, like from DVC Resale Experts, as well! 

If you’re someone who visits Disney frequently, then having a DVC resale listing can be one of the best ways you save money, and you can be assured you’ll have a place to stay. You’ll never need to worry about how many people you might have in your party or group, because of their spacious private villas, which they offer DVC members.

How Long Does It Take To Close On A DVC Resale Listing?

In terms of how long it takes to close a deal on a DVC resale listing, it depends on which agency or company you choose to finalize your DVC resale. Every business has its own way of doing things, sometimes it can be instant, while other times it can take time.

Generally, once the offer has been accepted and signed by the buyer, the deposit has been received and everything goes accordingly, then it can typically be around 60-90 days of closing time. This should be taken with a grain of salt however because as mentioned before, all agencies and businesses operate differently in terms of closing. 

Thanks to the pandemic as well, some cases have also gotten longer wait times, around 80 to 100 days. This is due to experts and businesses being unwell and unable to be more efficient. A lot of paperwork is involved on their behalf to ensure everything is secure, so it all needs to be done right. 

Sometimes it can depend on the type of DVC resale listing that you’re purchasing, because of the number of benefits that come with them, or the possible chance of things not going accordingly and the paperwork isn’t properly finalized.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of different benefits that you can receive from purchasing a DVC resale listing, especially if you’re wanting something specific or access to a resort that Disney doesn’t have passes or availability for.

It is definitely worth the while getting a DVC resale listing, like from DVC Resale Experts, especially if you’re someone who really enjoys Disney, visiting a lot, whether it be by yourself or with others, and want to have an overall better experience.