The Basics Of WHCP

Industrial Pipes at Oil and Gas Refinery

They are also referred to by the names Shutdown Panels (SDP) as well as Shutdown Panels, Emergency Shutdown Systems or Hydraulic Safety Shutdown systems. They are failsafe shutdown devices with hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical components. They are also able to be integrated with PLC, RTU, and SCADA. 

They are control systems that stand alone and also an interfacing device between the plant controls system and the safety system at the wellhead. They are used to monitor and control and safe shutdown subsurface controlled Safety Valves, Surface Safety Valves and other wellhead safety valves in oil & gas engineering company areas to ensure safe operation of platforms and wells that are not monitored.

The Overview Wellhead Control Panel

Wells for oil and gas pose a significant risk in either the reason that the material that is released is flammable or because the danger of gas pressure is very high. Wellhead control panels are essential equipment in the oil and gas industry that protects the environment and facilities in the oilfield from the possibility of wellhead fires and other emergency situations. It is among the most important control mechanisms to ensure that the production of oil from oilfields and transport that is safe to run in accordance with international standards and national regulations. Its job is to stop the well in the event of conditions are harmful or for different interventions, as well as performing a work test and so on.

The wellhead control panel is made up of a hydraulic power unit tubing, fitting, instrument valve, as well as electrical appliances for control. HPU provide hydraulic power for opening and closing SSVs, which include MSSV, WSSV and SCSSV.

The degree of complexity in each Well Head Control Panels varies, and each company has their own set of standards. Thus, the definition of head control panels, in General, will differ. The definition of a wellhead control panel, when we examine its functions, is an integral part of the capabilities that are part of the gas well or an oil well controlled by a well, such as: being able to shut down the system, casing reading parameters for pressure and tube pressure measurement parameters and temperature well parameters. Thus, the ability to open or shut the valve like a Wing Valve (WV) and master Valve (MV) as and Down Hole Safety Valve (DHSV) could be controlled by its Wellhead Control Panel. Usually, in the Wellhead control panel, there is control with hydraulic, pneumatic. The control panel is either hydraulic or pneumatic and consists of tubing and a three-way valve.

The applications of WHCPs

WHCPs can have multiple uses that include the following. However, they are not restricted to

  • Safety as well as Secure and Sequential Operation of Wellhead Valves (SCSSV/SSV/Wing Etc.)
  • Safety and Fire Shutdown
  • The safety of operation of riser Valves
  • Control of the pressure of the Flowline
  • Well Test Operation
  • HIPPS/ESD Choke Valve Control
  • Partially Stroking

The Main Function of the WHCP

  • Local On/Off SSV
  • Remote Control SSV through RTU
  • The low-pressure sense shuts down automatically.
  • Fusible Plug, Anti-fire Shutdown automatically.
  • SSV cannot be opened unless the local reset occurs after shutoff
  • The purpose of this is to show pressure on the system.
  • A relief valve is required to be fitted on every hydraulic circuit in order to avoid excessive pressure.
  • It is used to show the hydraulic level and level switch to the alarm
  • Protection against pressure impact of the system
  • The function of the pressure shield is to protect against extreme pressure
  • The function of the system pressure monitoring(by the pressure transmitter on the control panel)
  • Remote emergency shutdown function (by a magnetic valve in control panel)
  • The function of monitoring SSV On/Off (by the switch for pressure in the control loop of the control panel)
  • The function of shields High-low pressure sensing


Based on this explanation, we can conclusively say that the wellhead control panel (WHCP) is a hydraulic system that makes use of the power of a hydraulic motor and an electronic control module for the wellhead to complete its work. What is produced by WHCP is a high-pressure hydraulic supply as well as medium hydraulic power to operate SCSSV as well as SSV. The Wellhead control panel also serves as the link with the control system of the plant system and security system, as well as the SCSSV and SSV systems.