The 5 best-fixed mortgages to buy a house this summer


Although variable mortgages are still the cheapest, there are clients who highly value having a stable fee. For this reason, more and more people decide to take out a fixed-rate mortgage at a time of uncertainty such as the one we are experiencing due to the pandemic. Next, we present the updated ranking of the best offers for the month of July to obtain financing without surprises.

Mortgage One Step Away From Ibercaja

The first place in the classification is for Ibercaja’s One Step Mortgage. Two of its main advantages are the interest rate (1.50%) and the low connection (you only have to direct deposit an income of 2,500 euros).

As for the commissions, we would not pay to open the loan, and returning the money early would not have any penalty. Of course, the credit would have to be amortized in a maximum of 20 years and we would have to request a minimum capital of 150,000 euros.

Evo Banco Smart Mortgage

The silver medal goes to Evo Banco’s Smart Mortgage for its 1.55% interest rate and for the lack of links. In this case, the repayment period is up to 30 years and there are no commissions of any kind.

As an extra, if we contracted the mortgage with Evo Banco, the entity would give us free life insurance for the first twelve months and payment protection for the first two years.

Coins Fixed Mortgage

In the month of July, the bronze medal goes to Coinc’s Fixed PHH Mortgagea product with no ties. In this case, the interest rate depends on the length of the term:

Term Type of interest

10 years 1,50%

15 years 1,55%

20 years 1,59%

25 years 1,64%

30 years 1,69%

The minimum amount to request this product is 30,000 euros and, in the case of wanting to pay the mortgage capital in advance, the entity would apply a commission for early repayment of 2% during the first 10 years and 1.5% after.

My investor No Backpack Mortgage

The fourth position in this ranking goes to MyInvestor’s Mortgage Without a Backpack, a product aimed at customers with an income of at least 4,000 euros per month. Again, the interest rate will depend on the term chosen:

Term Type of interest

15 years 1,29%

20 years 1,59%

25 years 1,69%

One of the advantages of this offer is that to obtain the interest rates in the table above, it is not necessary to contract additional products such as insurance, credit cards, or pension plans. On the other side of the coin, one of the cons of this credit is that the entity would apply a 1.50% commission for returning the money early during the first 10 years and 2% after that.

Openbank Fixed Mortgage

Openbank’s Fixed Mortgage closes this top 5 of the best loans with a stable installment. Here, the interest rate varies depending on the percentage of financing that we need and the repayment period that we choose:

Up to 50% Up to 70% up to 80%

15 years 1,45% 1,55% 1,65%

20 years 1,55% 1,65% 1,75%

25 years 1,60% 1,70% 1,80%

30 years 1,65% 1,75% 1,85%

As for the requirements, it will not be necessary to contract any product to access the Openbank fixed mortgage, but the amount requested will have to be at least 30,000 euros.