Thai Boxing Shorts


Thai boxing shorts are standard attire during Muay Thai fights and training. The shorts are specially designed to allow you complete freedom of movement, something that is very important during training and competing. There is a vast selection of Thai boxing shorts to choose from now, traditionally they are made from Satin, although you may wish to kick-thaiboxen bergisch gladbach choose other fabrics, such as Nylon or a Polyester blend.

Most big manufacturers such as Twins, Windy, Raja and King offer a wide selection of colourful and custom made Thai Boxing Shorts. This is to keep up with the demand of the ever growing popularity of the sport.

Muay Thai camps

Many Muay Thai camps and clubs across the world like their fighters to have the same colours/ design with the name of the place they train on. Although when you are training, it is great to be able to express your personality through your own unique pair of Thai shorts, with your own choose of colours and design.

Muay Thai is Thailand’s national sport, it has been around for hundreds of years. The sport has rapidly grown in popularity throughout the world. People take part in it for many reasons, such as general fitness, learning the techniques needed in is a challenge, new way to make friends, want a new hobby and they wish to compete.

Anyone can take part in Muay Thai with many clubs now having specific classes for women, children and private lessons. In Thailand kick-thaiboxen bergisch gladbach there are many camps offering westerners a chance to learn the basics or develop your techniques. Thai Boxing Shorts are a great place to start when wanted to feel more part of the sport.