Technological Innovations to Propel Growth in the Global Industry Automotive Intercooler through 2030


Market Overview

The growing automotive industry represents one of the significant factors that drive the Automotive Intercooler Market growth. Besides this, the escalating demand for sports cars that incorporate turbocharged engines for high speed strengthens the market. The turbochargers also help decrease the engine, which helps offer improved output and performance. However, due to the growing environmental concerns, governments of numerous countries are implementing stringent regulations on carbon dioxide emissions. Thus, there has been an increase in the sales of automotive intercoolers across the globe. The key players also continuously focus on increasing the research and development projects to introduce innovative products with improved functionality.

In addition, the global Automotive Intercooler Market has been expected to increase significantly within the upcoming projected period of 2030. The automotive intercooler is a heat exchanger device utilized for cooling the air entering the carburetor of the fuel injection system. It is used as an air-to-air or air-to-water cooler for the supercharged and turbocharged internal combustion engines to extract the waste heat from the compressed air. It assists in increasing the efficiency of the induction system, which improves combustion and enhances the engine’s reliability. It also helps to maximize the fuel economy and reduce the vehicle’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Market Segmentation

According to the latest industrial report, the global Automotive Intercooler Market has been segmented into four types: type, engine type, vehicle type, and geographical section. With the engine type, the market has been segmented into three categories like supercharged gasoline, turbocharged diesel and conventional diesel. The market has been divided into passenger cars and commercial vehicles according to the vehicle type. With the regional section, the entire global market has been classified into five sections: Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, South America, and Middle East & Africa.

Regional Analysis

The growth of the advanced Automotive Intercooler Market is directly related to the automotive turbocharger market. The introduction of the new emission legislation in Europe, India, and China has increased pressure on the automotive industry to develop new and better exhaust gas after-treatment and combustion systems.

However, the Asia-Pacific region holds the largest market share across the world due to the majority of the automotive sales in the region as well as the technological advancements like two-stage supercharging that compresses air and transfers it back to the engine and enhances the power in the vehicle. Another major market for the intercooler is North America. The region is home to many racing events and racing teams involved in making the customized systems to be integrated into the vehicle. These systems comprehensively involve the usage of turbocharging and supercharging systems. They have the intercooler tailored to meet the needs that best suit the customers and the other business platforms.

Industrial News

The E-Turbo can electrically recuperate spent or otherwise wasted exhaust energy by using a small motor to generate the electricity and recharge the hybrid battery. According to the industry news, the first application of E-Turbo is likely to emerge in premium and high-performance vehicles in the year 2021.

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