Tea: The most popular and preferred drink to kick start your day!

black tea benefits

When you take a sip from the cup of hot tea, you are benefitting from much more than you think of. Tea helps in boosting energy levels and gives an enhanced metabolism.  Hence, tea consumption is regular in an average household.

Due to the demographic changes, and preferences of the people living in different areas, we have different types and blends of teas. These tea types are being consumed happily by consumers.  Similarly, different blends available in the market are making it popular day by day. You can buy Indian teas at discounted rates.

The types of tea and choosing the right one!

Although most of the tea types such as black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, and all kinds of teas are prepared from the same plant Camellia Sinensis, They differ from each other in the processing and additives. However, all these tea types contain a significant amount of nutritional value and hence come into use on a daily basis.  The steeping time causes a direct influence on the caffeine content each of the tea types can have.

When it comes to morning drinks, most of us are either coffee people or chai people. Both these drinks are good for stimulating energy levels. It is of no use comparing coffee and tea, as the choice is directly proportional to the consumer genre.

Benefits of drinking black tea over coffee

In terms of caffeine content, coffee contains double the amount of coffee as compared to tea. Similarly, this content, it causes an instant rush to the energy levels of the consumers. It is due to this reason, regular consumption of coffee over longer periods has been found to be a direct cause of reduced sleep and even amnesia. Black tea is an excellent drink for supporting mental health. In addition, it helps in enhancing the immune system of the consumers thereby providing a better and healthy lifestyle.

Black tea is a cup of tea filled with numerous benefits. It contains polyphenols, which are basically antioxidants that help in protection against free radicals thereby providing a better and strengthened immune system. The antioxidants in black tea play a major role in improving the immune system.  A better immune system is a clear indication of healthy life.  Black tea online buy can help you gain these benefits.

Apart from supporting a good immune system, black tea also improves various medical conditions such as cardiac disease management. In addition, it helps to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure management.  Similarly, controlling lipids, boosting metabolism, and promoting weight loss also comes along with the consumption of black tea.  Below mentioned are some of the reasons why you can choose black tea over coffee:

  • The most important difference between coffee and tea lies in the caffeine content of these two beverages. The first thing that comes to mind, when we hear the word caffeine, is the beverage coffee. And to maintain a healthy body, it is very important to consume beverages with the least caffeine content.
  • A cup of coffee contains a significant amount of caffeine as compared to the same cup of black tea. Hence, this is among the top reasons why people choose black tea over coffee with the reduced content of caffeine. The best thing is that you can buy black tea online at the best rates at online and offline stores.
  • Black tea is a drink that contains almost no calories. In addition to the energetic start, it provides relaxation to the entire body. The numerous benefits of black tea come with certification by various authorities.  Coffee however has more calories in comparison to black tea.
  • Black tea is a great alternative to boost energy levels by consuming it the first thing in the morning. It helps to directly promote weight loss by enhancing metabolism.
  • In addition, black tea also contains a good amount of antioxidants along with micronutrients such as magnesium, zinc, etc that induce protection against various bacterial as well as viral infections.

Above all, black tea can help you to build strong physical and mental health.  If you want to enjoy health benefits with your tea, choose the right tea for you. Choosing the perfect Indian tea for your health can help you enjoy the taste along with maintaining you’re well-being.