Taurus Compatibility With Cancer


 Today, we will talk about how well Taurus & Cancer are going to survive in a relationship. Let’s start with their sexual & intimacy compatibility. A love calculator also helps analyzing the compatibility between two people.

Taurus is governed by Venus, which means these people take pleasure in all worldly things and are sensual. They crave sexual experiences even if they are not very experimental in bed. This doesn’t mean that they care any less about their sexual life. They love to caress their partner, touch them, smell, and feel every part of their body.

Cancer might be anxious when it comes to sex life. However, Taurus takes the lead here and makes the Cancer relaxed while building trust in their relationship that ultimately takes Cancer to experience sexual pleasure.

However, since both zodiac signs lack the factor of Mars, they both might feel difficulty in initiating physical contact. This is also because they have a great love for food and experience the world. This might also make the relationship look asexual at times. But it doesn’t mean they would not engage in other activities such as cooking new dishes, exploring restaurants, taking pleasure in the luxuries, and just enjoying life.

Taurus & Cancer Trust

Both Taurus and Cancer expect loyalty and honesty in a relationship. These are two factors they can’t survive without. Hence there would be trust all around when these two are with each other. Taurus can’t stand a liar, and Cancer is the most emotional sign. It means both signs don’t believe in playing around, and they want to be in a serious bond. None of them would betray each other, and hence this relationship has the potential.

Taurus & Cancer Communication

Both of the people would communicate their interests since they both would share similar interests. Even these signs don’t talk much; they would be able to understand each other and communicate what is important. They will start talking gradually and will form a deeper bond with time.

However, Taurus can be stubborn at times, and they might shut the conversation if they don’t agree. Cancer may find it difficult, and hence there might be some gaps in communication. This might also drive Cancer crazy, which Taurus will have to face. You can always use the love calculator and find out if the relationship would work or not.

Taurus & Cancer Emotions

A Cancer and Taurus would stay strong together because they both understand emotions and value them. When these signs come together, they understand each other’s emotional needs and fulfill them. Cancer will balance Taurus by giving them emotional touch, while Taurus will ensure their love with physical support and material security.

If this cycle continues, they will build up many great moments one after another. However, if they begin to fight or find obstacles before their love develops for each other, chances are they will never approach to form a relationship. However, once they are in love with each other, no matter what the obstacles are, they will overcome them every time.

Taurus & Cancer Values

Peace is the most important factor that matters to both of them. Moon is the ruler of Cancer and the same exalts in Taurus. Hence they value family, they have kind hearts, and they understand emotions.

However, since Cancer is a water sign, it is more emotional. Taurus is an Earth sign, and hence it is more practical and will work to ensure material comfort. Taurus gets restless when it comes to their material security, whereas Cancer might see this crazy drive for material things as worthless.

When these signs come together, the chances of a great relationship are more. Both will nurture each other just like the Water nurtures Earth, and in return, the Earth produces.


The relationship between Taurus and Cancer would be a gentle one. They both would share the same emotional values, and they would understand each other. They both would give each other the feeling of a home, and hence there would be very few reasons to separate, and they both would feel complete in the relationship.

Both would share and enjoy almost every activity together. Even if they don’t have specific things to enjoy because of their jobs, they would simply cherish the pleasure of resting with each other. They would experiment with dishes, eat together, sleep together, or do nothing and would just be with each other.

You can also use a free love calculator and get to know the compatibility score based on your date of birth.