Tarsar Marsar Trek: Travel Guide and Review 2022

Tarsar Marsar Trek

This blog is a travel guide about Tarsar Marsar Trek and gives a review of this trek. The blog is a one-stop destination for all the information you will need to know about this trek. Take some of your minutes to reach the details before you join this trek in 2022.

Introduction of Tarsar Marsar Trek

There are many treks in Kashmir and mostly are summer treks. Tarsar Marsar stands out in the league of all the treks as the easy to moderate picturesque trek. This has all one needs to have in summer trek – meadows, lakes, mountains, and streams. Around 50km in total distance, this trek reaches the highest altitude of 4020m. It has an almond-shaped lake called Tarsar lake and its twin lake called Marsar lake. Apart from these lakes, it has a small and beautiful lake called Sundersar lake also.

This trek has many branches that lead to other famous treks of Kashmir. This trek has on one side the Lidder valley that has a famous tourist place called Pahalgam. And on the other side of this trek is Sindh valley which has the famous tourist place called sonamarg. The entire trail of this trek is however in Lidder valley. But one can see the Sindh valley towards your right while walking its trail.

Here are some of the details about Tarsar Marsar Trek

Trek Distance: The distance of the tarsar marsar trek is 50km around.

Trek Duration: This trek can be finished in between five to seven days. However, the most followed itinerary is of seven days.

Trek Gradient: One of the best features of this trek is that it is not a difficult trek and can be done by beginners also. Its level of difficulty is easy to moderate. On most of the days, this trek is easy, however, a few patches of boulder and ascent make it moderate as well.

Highest Altitude of the Trek: This is a high-altitude trek and reaches an altitude of around 400m near Marsar lake. There is a gradual gain of altitude in the trek which makes the trek quite safe and secure.

Trek Safety: This trek has no fatal terrain and has quite a solid trail with a definite mark. It has no dangerous wildlife and the water streams are quite shallow to pose any danger while crossing. Further, this trek has no overhanging cliff or falling of rocks.

Starting Point: This trek starts from Aru base camp. This is a valley situated in Kashmir’s Pahalgam area.

End Point: Tarsar Marsar trek is not a circuit trek, hence it ends at Aru from where it begins.

How to reach Aru base camp: From Srinagar take a shared cab that will drop you at Aru. It takes around 4 hours duration.

Mobile connectivity: There is no network on the trek and hence no mobiles will work here. In Aru base camp only the BSNL will work and that too is postpaid.

Best Time: Summer is the best time for this trek. In summer the best months are June, July, August, and September.

Best Attractions: Tarsar lake, Marsar lake, Sundersar lake, forest walk, Lidder river, meadows, and viewpoints.

Things to carry: You need to carry all the essentials of summer trekking.

Tarsar Marsar Review:

This trek is indeed scenic and has never disappointed a trekker with its beauty and tranquility. It is away from the hustle-bustle and gets better in view with each trekking day. The trek is famous throughout India and a lot of nature lovers visit this trek every year. The trek goes through the Aru wildlife sanctuary as well. It comes under the wildlife department of Kashmir. This is a 5 star rated trek.

To sum up, the Tarsar Marsar trek is a must trek to all the trekkers or anybody who wants to witness the charm of nature. This trek will put you in trance with its landscape and will rejuvenate your senses. The trek is doable by all and needs no trekking or mountaineering credentials. Just a willingness to walk every day amid its big meadows.