Step-by-Step Guide: How to Create Wikipedia Pages for Your Business or Brand

how to create a wikipedia page

Wikipedia is a widely-used and respected online encyclopedia that is visited by millions of people every day. Having a Wikipedia page for your business or brand can provide a variety of benefits.

On average, Wikipedia pages are viewed 263 million times per month.

First, it can help establish your brand as a credible and notable source of information in your industry. Wikipedia pages are written and edited by experts and volunteers, so having a page on the site can lend credibility and authority to your brand.

Second, a Wikipedia page can help improve your visibility and search engine rankings. Wikipedia is one of the most highly-ranked websites in the world, so having a page on the site can lead to increased traffic and visibility for your brand.

Finally, a Wikipedia page can provide a detailed and accurate overview of your business or brand, including information on your history, products, and services. This can help potential customers learn more about your business and make informed decisions about whether or not to engage with your brand.

No wonder it is the best choice to learn how to create Wikipedia pages to grow your business.

Account Creation Over Wikipedia

  1. Go to the Wikipedia website.
  2. On the top right corner of the page, click “Create Account”.
  3. Fill in the required information, including your username, password, and email address.
  4. Click on “Create your account”.
  5. Confirm your email address by clicking on the link sent to your email.
  6. After confirming, you can now log in to your Wikipedia account and start creating or editing pages.

Building a Reputation on Wikipedia

To establish oneself as a reputable editor on Wikipedia, it’s important to abide by the website’s policies and guidelines, make meaningful contributions, and engage with the community. Building a positive reputation will help increase trust and credibility within the Wikipedia community.

Editing Wikipedia Pages

  1. Always start by reading Wikipedia’s policies and guidelines. This will help ensure that you understand what is and isn’t allowed on the site.
  2. Use reliable sources when making edits. Wikipedia requires that all information on the site be verifiable and supported by reliable sources.
  3. Wikipedia has strict guidelines about editing articles related to businesses or organizations that you’re affiliated with so be clear about any interest conflict.
  4. Always be respectful of other editors and be willing to engage in constructive discussion if there are any disagreements.
  5. Keep in mind that Wikipedia is a community-driven project and that any changes you make will be subject to review and potentially be changed or removed by other editors.
  6. Be prepared to explain your changes and be willing to make revisions if they are requested by other editors.

What are Wikipedia Wizard and Sandbox

Wikipedia Wizard is a tool that helps new editors navigate the Wikipedia interface and learn the basics of editing, it offers step-by-step guides and interactive tutorials on how to create and edit Wikipedia pages, as well as how to use Wikipedia’s formatting and editing tools. On the other hand, Sandbox is a testing area for users to experiment with editing without affecting any actual Wikipedia pages, it’s a place for new editors to practice and learn how to format and structure articles before making changes to real Wikipedia pages.

Be careful about Wikipedia citations and reference

Wikipedia citation references are sources used to support information in a Wikipedia article. They provide evidence and context for the facts and claims presented in the article, allowing readers to verify the information and helping to ensure the accuracy of the article.

Updation and Revision

Revision and updates on Wikipedia refer to the process of editing and modifying the content of Wikipedia articles. This can include correcting errors, updating information, and making other changes to ensure that articles are accurate, up-to-date, and in line with Wikipedia’s policies and guidelines.


In a nutshell, having command over how to create Wikipedia pages can surely help you and your business to gain popularity.