Starting a Successful Food Catering Business in India: Key Factors to Consider

Ashok Leyland BOSS

Food catering businesses have been gaining popularity in India due to the country’s love for food. With the expected market size of the industry growing by 25-30% every year, this business offers a lot of potential for earning money. Catering is a low-investment business that can be turned into a high-income one. Here are some key factors to consider when starting a food catering business in India.

  1. Business Plan You need to decide on the level at which you wish to start the business. It is better to start at a low scale with limited people and then gradually move to a bigger level. You can either start catering from your home, rent a place or cook at the event’s location. You must create a business model that helps you visualise your business map for the future.
  2. Kitchen and Transport If you plan to open a full-time catering business, you need a full-size kitchen that has all the basic things, including a good space and plumbing facilities. You will also need a cargo vehicle to transport your kitchen equipment and staff. Ashok Leyland Boss is a reasonable option that can help in transporting daily vegetables to your kitchen.
  3. Financial Setup Assess all the expenses in the initial stages and have a clear picture of how much you have to spend in the upcoming days. The initial investment in the business will cost you at least Rs. 20 Lakhs- Rs. 25 Lakhs*. There are many ways to generate capital, including personal savings, partnerships or bank loans.
  4. License and Permits Legal certificates from respected authorisations, such as FSSAI, will certify your business. The requirements include having a location away from external pollutants, enough space and hygiene in your storage units, cleanliness around your kitchen, contamination-free food, hygiene standards for staff, and clean utensils and containers.
  5. Permanent Suppliers of Goods Develop reliable resources for ordering daily groceries, milk and other dairy products from regular suppliers to ensure continuity in your business.
  6. Menu and Manpower Decide on the menu of your catering services and hire appropriate staff to handle double the capacity of your customers. Focus on the quality of your dishes, and the per-plate cost can be less than what others are providing because you are new in town.
  7. Inventory and Marketing Create an online interface for your users and the inventory of your stocks. Invest in marketing strategies to reach out to more customers.

Starting a food catering business in India can be a lucrative opportunity. By following these key factors, you can set up a successful and profitable business.