Some Easy Ways to Save Money on The Wedding

Save Money on The Wedding

We would totally agree with the fact that weddings are expensive, but there are certain ways that can help you cut some costs without affecting your dream wedding. If you are looking for some ways to pare down your wedding budget here and there then here is a little help from our side. From the guest list to the music, here are a number of easy wedding details that are easily modified and help you save some money without anyone noticing.

Just read on how you can do it…

Begin with trimming the guest list

We totally understand that there are some people which are a must in your wedding celebration. But, trust us cutting your guest list is the easiest way to reduce your budget. It’ll lower everything, including your catering and invitation costs, your venue size and rentals. There is a venue named Vilasa banquet in Delhi that charges as per the number of guests so, therefore, if you cut trim the number of guests you will save the money!

Choose a Non-Saya Date for the wedding

If we talk about Hindu weddings, people usually choose to get married on heavy saya dates and because of great demand, all the vendors charge more on such dates. If you book these vendors in the off-season or during one of the general shoulder seasons. We know the weather might not be as optimal, but it could totally be worth it to afford your dream venue and other vendors.

Go for a residential wedding

You should book a wedding resort a hotel for the wedding instead of booking multiple wedding venues for all the functions. If all the functions are held at one place then you may get a good package deal and it will also reduce the hassle of travelling from one place to another.      

Skip getting married on the weekends

There are chances that vendors may charge more for the events happening on the weekends. Though it may get inconvenient for your guests to attend your functions on weekends it will help you save a great amount of money. Therefore you can opt for dates that happen to fall on weekdays!

Go green and ditch the flowers

How about foliage over floral décor? It will not only save your money being spent on floral décor but it will be a sustainable choice too! Greenery looks really beautiful in pictures as well! If you are still really keen on flowers then you should replace expensive flower varieties with less expensive ones. Also, opt for local and In-Season Flowers that are easy to find and are easy on the pocket as well!

Skip the champagne

We all love champagne but it’s kind of an expensive deal! Even if you also have a toast moment at your function, you can go ahead with the normal drinks and your guests can say “cheers” with whatever cocktail they’re holding!

Go for a non-OTT cake for engagements or receptions 

Indian weddings are getting inspired by wester cultures a lot and this has led to cake cutting ceremonies at various pre and post-wedding functions. But trust us, these wedding cakes are expensive. Instead of that, you can have a beautiful one- or two-tier cake for that quintessential cake-cutting moment, then serve some other cake. Also, you can keep the embellishments minimal as the more ornate your cake decorations, the more it’ll cost you. When it comes to flowers on the cake you should go for fresh flowers instead of sugar flowers as they are super pricey because they cost your cake baker time and effort. On the other hand, fresh flowers are your most affordable bet to decorate the cake.

Opt for simple stationery and favours 

Some people go a little OTT with wedding stationery and favours too! You can get e-invites to save money and paper. With that only go for each favour per couple and for that, you can go for candles or a potted plant, where you only need one per couple.

Be smart with Photo, Video and Music

These vendors also charge a large chunk of the wedding budget. We would advise you to book a photographer, band or DJ’s associate. Usually, great vendors also recommend another person who works for them at a lower price, which means you can get a similar vibe but a lesser price! Even while choosing a band for sangeet or cocktail you can opt for a smaller band as lesser the people and equipment are, lesser you’ll need to pay for it.

Pro tip: You can hire them for more than one service. All you need to do is hire a band or DJ that can do both the ceremony and the reception. For example, if you’re having a band at your Mehendi, ask about hiring one or two members for the cocktail.

We hope it helps!