Some Adorable Yet Dangerous Pests – Never Get Scammed by Their Beauty


Pests are small creepy creatures that never ask for your permission to invade your home. And once they get inside your home, they never mind ruining everything that comes into their contact. Numerous pests can enter and reside in your home without coming to your notice. The worst part is that they bring a lot of diseases and damage to your home. 


Some pests look creepy and you don’t even want to look at them. However, some pests, especially bugs, look really cute. You shouldn’t get scammed by their beauty as they are not only beautiful but highly dangerous as well. As soon as you see them in your home, you must contact some highly skilled pest exterminators.


Hiring professionals is the best thing you can do for pest control in Surrey BC, Vancouver, and other surrounding regions. However, first of all, you need to know about these cute yet dangerous pests. Let’s have a look at them.

Puss Caterpillar 

This pest is larvae of the flannel moth. They can be found in your home if flannel moths have built their home inside your house. These larvae look pretty beautiful as their whole body is covered with smooth fur. They appear like a part of a winter coat due to this fur. However, underneath this fur, there are very dangerous spines. These spines are highly poisonous. 


Once they come in contact with your body, they can induce poison in your body. It leads to several disorders. Nausea and burning are some common indications of the attack of a puss caterpillar. You can also face a shortage of breath due to this poison. 

Kissing Bug 

Kissing bugs don’t look as pretty as their name is. Their name looks pretty romantic and they never miss a chance to kiss you, especially at night. However, you realize how dangerous they are by knowing that these bugs are also called assassin bugs or killer bugs. These bugs usually attack your face when you are sleeping. Your lips and surrounding areas are the main points for their attack.


These are parasitic bugs and love to suck your blood. As a result, they induce some serious health problems in your body. Fever, headache, swelling, and infection of lymph nodes are some common disorders caused by the attack of these bugs. The worst thing is yet to be known by you. Their infection can lead to heart failure as well. However, it happened after 10 to 30 years of primary infection.

Jumping Spiders 

We know you must be thinking about how a spider can ever be beautiful. You can see all the spiders are ugly until you see this spider. These are not so dangerous for humans. They can only cause minor infections in them. However, their hunting skills are just amazing. The way they attack and capture their prey makes them one of the most dangerous spiders on the planet Earth. 

Africanized Honeybees 

These honeybees, originating from Southern Africa, look similar to normal honeybees. You can see them pollinating flowers in spring and summer. If you have some flowering plants in your home or have a garden, chances of Africanized honeybees invasion are very high. However, eliminating them is not easy like ordinary bees. 


When you disturb them, they chase you for half a mile and never mind stinging you again and again. They can sting you 10 times more than normal bees. According to reports, these bees have killed more than 1,000 humans. Apart from that, they also have killed animals including horses and other big and strong creatures. You must call wasp control experts to eliminate them from your home. 


These pests look really attractive when they curl up into a ball. Their small feet disappeared in this position. They are so cute that some people keep them as pets as well. However, they are extremely dangerous especially when they feel frightened. They release toxic chemicals that can be transmitted to your body by touching and cause several allergic reactions.

Bottom Line 

From now on, you don’t have to get scammed by the beauty of these deadly pests. Never ignore their presence around your home. Contact pest control experts to eliminate them from your home.