Sims 4 Pregnancy Mod

Toddler Mods For Sims 4

The Sims 4 allows players to customize their pregnancies with a variety of mods. These best Sims 4 pregnancy mods can make a huge difference to how your Sims experience being pregnant.

Some mods are just for fun, while others change the way your Sims go through pregnancy entirely. Either way, we’ve rounded up some of the best Sims 4 pregnancy mods to add a little extra excitement and realism into your gameplay.

Stretch Marks

During pregnancy, your body changes and often times your belly will grow and you can get stretch marks on your stomach. Sims are not able to experience this in The Sims 4 but with the stretch marks mod you can add these markings to your sims so they can see how their bodies change during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a very special time in everyone’s lives but each and every person’s pregnancy experience is different! Some people have easy or difficult pregnancies, wanted or unwanted pregnancies and even surprise births.

Having a baby is such an important and meaningful experience for both the mother and their family and it’s always fun to customize the pregnancy experience in The Sims 4. From stretch marks to ultrasound scans, we’ve rounded up some of the best pregnancy mods for you to try!


Being pregnant is a very exciting time for any Sim, but it can be an even more exhilarating experience when you get to see your little one grow inside of you! If you want to share that excitement with your Sims, try adding a pregnancy mod that allows them to visit the gynecologist for an ultrasound scan.

This sims 4 mod adds a Gynecologist to your lot for your Sims to visit for an ultrasound exam when they’re in their second or third trimester. They’ll be away in-game for 60-90 minutes when they’re at the gynecologist, and they’ll come back with an ultrasound picture of their baby in their inventory.

Discover Pregnancy

The Sims 4’s pregnancy gameplay is a beautiful experience, but it can feel a bit boring if you aren’t looking for a little more drama or realism. Luckily, cc creators have been hard at work to help bring more spice into pregnancy and baby gameplay with these fantastic mods!

One of the best pregnancy mods is Discover Pregnancy from SimMixD. It reintroduces the surprise and anticipation of discovering that your Sim is pregnant, which is great for both new players and seasoned Sims!

This mod also replaces pregnancy-themed moodlets with realistic and meaningful ones. Your Sims will now experience stress, sadness, and even a lot of discomfort like they do in real life, which makes for a more authentic gameplay experience.

Morning Sickness

The Sims 4 pregnancy mods offer a great range of customization. Some of them change the pregnancy phase, add labor, and also let you decide on the number of babies that will be born.

Many players have complained that the pregnancy goes by too fast in the game, and they want to have a more realistic experience with their Sims. Thankfully, Havem’s pregnancy time mod allows you to choose the length of the pregnancy terms from 1 day to 147 Sim days!

This is a great way to get more life-like gameplay in The Sims 4 with a little bit of extra work. However, it’s not for everyone, so be sure to pick a mod that you can work with.

Better Babies & Toddlers

The toddler life stage in Sims 4 is one of the more fleshed out and interesting ones in the game but it also has some annoyances. There are a lot of great toddler mods out there that will make your experience with these adorable little sims much more fun and enjoyable.

One of the most popular toddler mods is the Better Babies and Toddlers Mod that makes it so you can give your sims a hidden trait which opens up a ton of different interaction options with their babies and toddlers. These interactions will boost their moods and add to the fun of raising them.

Cancel Pregnancy

There is a lot of work that goes into taking care of a pregnant Sim, and sometimes you might need to pause it for a little while.

A popular modder is making a pregnancy mod that allows Sims to terminate their pregnancy at any time. It costs $200, but the result is an instant and automatic termination. Read more on TheSims4Mod.

Reactions to this are varied. Some Sims will feel guilt, while others will experience relief.

Alternatively, there is also the option to cancel an occult pregnancy, where a couple has children with different creature types; this can result in their child inheriting interesting occult traits like ghosts, aliens and vampires.