Significance of Finding Keywords and Synonyms for IELTS Writing

keywords for ielts writing
Keywords for IELTS Writing

Keywords and Synonyms for IELTS Writing

In this podcast we take a look at synonyms that you can use for the IELTS 2 writing task. Here are some significance of finding keywords and synonyms for IELTS Writing. As lexical resources make up 25% of your score, according to the band’s descriptions, IELTS band score at a higher level requires precision, solemnity and flexibility as well as, of course, a wide range of vocabulary.

So, is it enough to remember lists of synonyms for common words? Not accurately, circumstance is very significant, as are collocations.

What are Collocations?

Collocations are words used together not for any particular grammatical purpose, but because they “respond” by being used over time. That is why we can say that a city is big or large but it is very unlikely that we will say that it is substantial. You can easily find out which words come up by searching online.

For example, you can type the word + collocation and various resources will appear including online dictionaries. Or you can type the word + in a sentence and many different examples will be shown of how the word is used. To know more about collocations and other terms of IELTS writing, follow overseas education consultants for free.

Why do we Need to use Synonyms and Keywords?

Some words should be replaced by synonyms as they are vague and relatively low. Synonyms of this are: good, terrible, big, small and pleasant. It is fair to say, “Fossil fuels are bad for the environment,” but the luxury you would expect is not reflected in a higher level response. Here, we prefer the word, “harmful” or “harmful.”

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Context is important when synonyms are used for words such as “important.” While “essential” is a synonym, it is not appropriate to say. “Internet addiction is an essential issue of our time. Instead, you could use it instead of “important” when you use the phrase, “It’s important for the government to deal with XYZ… ..” Or, you could use “critical,” or Use “essential”.

Sometimes you need synonyms to avoid repetition. This is common in essays about children. It’s still awkward to keep using the word “kids,” but what other options can you use? Although a small child and a teenager are children, not all children are children and adolescents, so you cannot use these words interchangeably. Instead, you could use “the young,” “the young,” “ready,” or “young”. “Kids” should always be ignored as it is casual. Read Also : steel price today in Hyderabad

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