Should We Buy House and Land Packages As a Whole? Is it A Valuable Decision?

Should We Buy House and Land Packages As a Whole? Is it A Valuable Decision?

Do you have a dream house project in mind that you wish to execute anytime soon? You would definitely want your home to be perfect for your living experience, isn’t it? So, if you are a first-time homebuyer, then it is advised you can take up house and land packages as a whole.

Why so?

It is mostly because you will be saving on taxes, gets competitive prices, and will have the chance to customize things your way. Aren’t you still convinced why house and land packages offer the best value for money? In that case, here are some reasons why New Home Builders Melbourne are promoting this combination purchase!


Be Eligible for the Stamp Duty Tax Deductions or Other Savings

When you hire a Custom Home Builder in Melbourne, they will tell you how you can save a lot beyond just your ongoing maintenance or listed price. The house and land packages come with numerous tax benefits. Before the construction of the house is built, the stamp duty will be payable on the land component and not the land & house combined.

So, if you are buying off the combination plan, you will be at a benefitting edge. To give the first home buyers a proper advantage, stamp duty is being made payable only on the land component and not the house & land combined. Thus, there will be a lot of savings on your first home purchase.

Home and Land Development in Melbourne is consistent, and such offers of package purchase are what attract young people to buy their first home.


Financing Will Be Easier When You Buy Land and Home Package

When you don’t have to obtain a mortgage to buy any part of the land and restructure it, it becomes easier to finance the property. As the house and land packages consist of pre-designed homes, you will have an idea of how much exact amount of money you will have to raise or take a loan of before planning on buying the property.

Following that, you will also get an idea of which financial institutions you should prefer in order to get the loan sanctioned. Such convenience is what leads people to invest in land and home packages altogether.



If you like one among the many Display Homes in Melbourne and want to avail the land and home package altogether, you are nowhere making the wrong decision. As far as home buying is concerned, finance and tax savings are the major considerations for people. You will have a catalog of options to choose from, following which the packages will be enrolled to your name.

If you have made up your mind about buying house and land packages as a combination for your first home, then get in touch with Southern Hemisphere Development, as an array of beautiful options await you. We are the best builders in town and have a widened range of service facilities to ease your home purchase experience.