Should I Take My Ipad 10.9 To The Beach Without A Case?

iPad Air 10.9 case
iPad Air 10.9 case

Keeping Your Ipad Safe

Although you may not put an iPad Air 10.9 case on at all times, you’re serious about taking good care of your iPad. You pride yourself on the pristine condition of both the screen and aluminum back, and though the iPad Air is no longer brand new, no one could tell that by looking at it. Not only does it function as smoothly as the day you brought it home, it looks just as shiny new as it did that day.

But now you’re going off to the beach, and you wonder— if taking a naked iPad off on such an adventure is really a good idea? What kind of dangers are you likely to run into, and how will they affect your prize device? Maybe there’s a purchase or two you should make before you go. Do you need a case, and if you need one, what kind of case should it be?

Bringing An  Ipad 10.9 Case With Keyboard To The Beach

First off, there’s one case you definitely should never bring to the beach— a 10.9-inch iPad Air case with a keyboard. Sand and keyboards are a very bad combination, and any sand that blows into your keyboard will be next to impossible to move out.  You’ll end up with sticky or irresponsive keys, and you’ll spend the next week googling “how to get sand out of a keyboard’ and buying cases of compressed air to try to get the job done.

The good news is, you don’t really need to use your iPad 10.9 with a keyboard at the beach anyway. You can just use the on-screen keyboard, or if you want to write faster, use the pencil. Leave your keyboard case at home, and buy another protective case to take with you to the beach and on other adventures.

A Great Ipad Air 10.9 Case With Pencil Holder For The Beach

If you can’t take your keyboard case to the beach, what case should you take? We recommend a sturdy shock-protective case that won’t get dirty and doesn’t have too many crevices to get sand in. Of course, case or no case, you don’t want to be throwing your iPad Air down on the sand.  Protection is protection, but sand is sand. If you’ve got free access to your ports and volume controls, the sand will also, and those hard bits of rock glass do not need to get in there and mess up your iPad’s inner fixings.

But for thoughtful use at and around the beach— staying away from sand and water— a sleek shock protective case like the Zugu Case will be ideal. This case has a built-in pencil holder but no keyboard, so that’s one thing you won’t have to worry about. The back is made of robust TPU, and the stand doubles as a screen cover when you’re not using your device. Soft microfiber against the glass of your device, and a sturdy backing that won’t pick up dirt to face the world.

The great thing about the Zugu case is you can use it everywhere, even when you’re back from the beach and working again. It’s professional enough you can take it to the office, and the 360-degree protection means you’ll feel comfortable taking it out and about with you when you’re adventuring in other places.

 Water Protection When You Need To Get Wet

But maybe you need to be able to throw your iPad down on the sand. Maybe you even need to be able to use it in the waves; holding it up out of the water while you try to catch a wave on your surfboard. We do not recommend this, at all. Although the newer iPhones are essentially waterproof, the iPad is not. Just a little bit of water could cause some major damage that you might never manage to fix.

Still, if you have to take it out with you to the vicinity of water, if you have to use it on the sand, you can buy a waterproof case for your iPad that will (hopefully) keep it sealed away from everything bad. There are two types of waterproof cases, and you can buy both types on Amazon. One looks like a glorified ziplock bag with a vacuum seal that enables you to isolate your iPad from the environment; the other is a simple plastic sandwich that snaps on over your iPad. Either one is available over a wide price range, but you’ll want to read the reviews and choose a manufacturer other users have found reliable. A malfunction right when it matters could ruin your iPad.

A waterproof case is frustrating to use on the regular, so even if you decide to buy one of those you’ll want to buy a regular case to use when you come out of the water. Taking along a quality iPad Air 10.9 case with a pencil holder along to use in dryer spots is a good idea, and it’ll double as a stand and mount when you’re enjoying a movie on the couch or following a recipe in your Airbnb kitchen.

Ready to go? Everything packed? Swimsuit, towel, iPad case, sunscreen? Check, check, check, check! Have fun at the beach.