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Vivo mobile phones
Vivo mobile phones

Are you thinking of upgrading your handset? If you are still not thinking about it then you are going to miss a huge opportunity for purchasing the best smartphones with exclusive deals. Here is something for you that can make your upcoming season full of rejoices. The topmost Indian mobile online shopping sites are offering huge discounts on purchasing popular smartphones.

This article is going to grab your focus on the best deals on purchasing a Vivo new mobile. So, let’s celebrate these super-saving offers by purchasing a new smartphone. Go through the following section to check out the best-selling smartphones with exciting features and whopping discounts. 

Best Vivo phones that you must purchase

The following section will provide you with detailed information on the mobile online shopping deals that can make your Durga puja more special while purchasing a Vivo new mobile.

Vivo Y21 

If you are thinking of purchasing a Vivo new mobile then Vivo Y21 must be the first name to remember. Get up to 20 to 22% discount on purchasing this Vivo new mobile from mobile online shopping sites. Not only will the discount on its price, but you also get some additional exchange offers if you want to replace your previous phone with this new one.

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Sounds exciting no, now you must know about the price of this mobile. You can purchase this phone only by paying 13,990/-. On the other hand, 17,990/- is the original market price of this mobile. Additionally, the involvement of the upgraded specifications of this mobile is also increasing the value of this mobile. 

Vivo Y20G 2021

If you are looking for the best Vivo phone from mobile online shopping sites, then Vivo Y20G 2021 will be another great option for your Vivo new mobile. Most of the mobile online shopping sites are providing 17 to 18% discount on purchasing this phone. So, you can save up to 3,000/- on purchasing this phone during these super-saving offers. The 256 memory storage and 5000 mAh battery capacity is one of the best specifications of the Vivo Y20G 2021 mobile. 

Vivo Y20G

If you are looking for some more options on purchasing Vivo new mobile then you can go for this amazing Vivo Y20G smartphone. Thinking about the discount? The mobile online shopping sites are offering a 16 to 17% discount on purchasing this mobile. 13,990/- is the offer price of this mobile. The involvement of 64 GB ROM and 4 GB RAM and 5000 mAh battery life is the good sign of being the best mobile 

Vivo Y73 

Get a 16% discount on purchasing a Vivo Y73 from mobile online shopping sites. If you are looking for the greatest specifications on your Vivo new mobile then Vivo Y73 must be an option. You can access 128 GB ROM and 8 GB RAM while accessing this mobile.

64 MP triple rear camera and 16 MP front camera will enhance your experience of clicking excellent pictures. 24,990/- is the market price of this mobile and 20,990/- is the offer price of this mobile. So, we will recommend this as one of the best options for Vivo’s new mobile. 

These were some of Vivo new mobile phones that you can purchase from mobile online shopping sites. But, if you are hesitating to purchase your desired mobile due to financial issues, then Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card can assist you to obtain an EMI skim