Top 5 Scalping Forex Brokers from Traders Union 2021


What is Scalping?

Scalping is the practice of quickly entering and exiting positions with the hope of making small profits off of small price changes. The strategy is often associated with day trading because the quick transactions allow traders to get in and out of positions before the end of the trading day. In the world of Forex trading, it is a very popular trading style.

If you are about to start scalping, you’ll probably take your time to look for the best Forex brokers for scalping. Most likely, you’ll be overwhelmed by the number of platforms available on the market. However, there are only a handful of Forex brokers that offer reliable services. In this article, we are presenting the best forex broker for scalping.

And if you are a scalping trader, then you’re probably looking for a good Forex broker who will provide you with the maximum opportunity to make money with minimum risk. And it is necessary to choose a reliable company. It is a good idea to find a broker who provides the lowest spreads and commissions.

The Forex Scalping Strategy

The Forex Scalping Strategy is a professional Forex trading strategy. It is based on high probability price action setups. It has been developed by a trader with 8 years of experience in the financial market, who also holds a master’s degree in finance. The Forex Scalping Strategy was developed using the most advanced tools and techniques available today. It is useful for real accounts with live market data.

The Forex scalping strategy is a low-risk trading method that can be used by any trader, regardless of their skill level. It is one of the most popular trading strategies in the world. A scalping strategy designed to take profits from short-term price fluctuations to make a profit on a number of trades in a short period. This type of strategy is designed for currencies with high volatility.

Scalping is a trading technique that requires constant attention and quick reactions. It is probably the most stressful type of Forex trading, but it can also be extremely profitable if done right.

In forex trading, scalping is a trading style where a trader looks to make a small gain on a number of trades over a short period of time. It is useful for both retail traders and professional traders.

Scalping is an algorithmic trading technique to take advantage of the small price gaps between the bid and ask prices in foreign exchange markets. The scalper, also known as a “birdie”, will open and close a trade multiple times per day to profit from these small price movements. A successful scalper can have up to dozens of trades open at any one time, with each lasting only seconds or minutes.

5 Best Forex Brokers for Scalpers

If you are interested in trading on the Forex market, you should be aware of some financial risks involved. The key to successful scalping is to look for a broker that offers a great deal of liquidity. Liquidity refers to the ability of a broker to offer a large number of currency pairs with low spreads and minimal slippage.

The following list contains the top 5 best forex brokers for scalping from Traders Union. The list is based on average ratings and reviews from traders who actually use these brokers for scalping. These are the most popular forex brokers for scalping.

Here are the top 5 scalping Forex brokers from Traders Union:

  1. Roboforex

Roboforex is the best for scalping, as it provides a huge number of assets. All assets are very liquid and you can open an account with just 10 USD. It is a trusted and reliable broker and is regulated by IFSC.

Account Offered

  • Demo
  • Pro-Cent
  • Pro-Standard
  • ECN
  • Prime
  • R Trader
  • Islamic accounts

2. Exness

If you’re a scalper, then Exness is a good choice. This broker has low spreads on major currency pairs, and the minimum deposit of $1 is more than affordable for a trader.  It is under regulation by CySEC and is a secure platform. 

Account Types

  • Demo
  • Standard Cent
  • Standard & Standard Plus
  • Raw Spread
  • Zero
  • Pro

3. Tickmill

Tickmill is a good choice for scalping. With tickmill, you can trade on the spot Forex market, the news Forex market, and the binary options market while the minimum deposit for a demo account is $25. FSA, FCA, and CySEC regulate the Tickmill broker. 

Account Offered

  • Classic
  • Pro
  • VIP
  • Demo


FXCM is a broker that is suitable for scalping and regulated by FSA. It has no inactivity fee and spreads are small. You can start with as little as $100 if you only want to use the demo account.

Account Types

  1. Demo
  2. Mini
  3. Standard
  4. Active Trader

5. Instaforex

Scalping is the most popular trading algorithm among forex traders, who use this strategy to earn money on the spread. InstaForex expert traders have tried many trading strategies but they have chosen the strategy of scalping as the most reliable and profitable one. It is under the regulation of FFMS, BVI FSC and you can start with only 1$. 

Account Types

  • Demo
  • Insta.Standard
  • Insta.Eurica
  • Cent.Standard
  • Cent.Eurica