Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer Dumps

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Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer

About the Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer Credential

The Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer credential is designed for individuals who have experience as full stack developers for Salesforce B2C Commerce Digital. This credential is targeted toward Salesforce customers, partners, and employees who want to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in using the B2C Commerce Digital to develop an eCommerce solution, such as: setting up the development environment, working with the Digital data model, working with site content, using Business Manager to perform site configuration tasks, using scripts to extend site business logic, interacting with external applications, optimizing site performance, and troubleshooting common issues.

About the Exam

Read on for details about the Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer exam.
Content: 60 multiple-choice, multiple-select, or matching questions
Time allotted to complete the exam: 105 minutes
Passing score: 65%
Registration fee: USD 200
Delivery options: Proctored exam delivered onsite at a testing center or in an online proctored environment.
References: No hard-copy or online materials may be referenced during the exam.
Prerequisite: None

Exam Outline

The Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer exam measures a candidate’s knowledge and skills related to the following objectives. A candidate should have hands-on experience with B2C Commerce and should be able to demonstrate knowledge and expertise in each of the areas below.
B2C Commerce Setup: 11%
Work With a B2C Site: 12%
Data Management Using Business Manager Usage: 24%
Application Development: 53%
Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer Dumps

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1.A Digital Developer has been given a specification to integrate with a REST API for retrieving weather conditions. The service expects parameters to be form encoded.
Which service type should the Developer register?
C. HTTP Form
Answer: C
2.What happens if the log file size limit is reached in custom logging?
A. Logging is suspended for the day.
B. Logging is suspended for two hours.
C. The log file is deleted and recreated from scratch.
D. The log file rolls over and the last used log is overwritten.
Answer: C
3.Which line of code creates a content slot that can be included on homepage.ismlto display on the home page?
A. <isslot id=”my_banner ” description=”for home page” type=”global” context=”content” contextobject=”${pdict.ContentSearchResult.content}”/>
B. <isslot id=”my_banner ” description=”for home page” type=”global” context=”homepage”/>
C. <isslot id=”my_banner ” description=”for home page” context=”global”>
D. <isslot id=”my_banner ” description=”for home page” context=”global” contextobject=”${pdict.CurrentHomePage}”/>
Answer: C
4.A Digital Developer selects “Show Orderable Products Only” in the Search > Search Preferences Business Manager module.
Which business goal does this accomplish?
A. Exclude products from search results if Available to Sell (ATS) = 0.
B. Exclude back-ordered products from showing on the website.
C. Block displaying the product detail page if Available to Sell (ATS) = 0.
D. Exclude pre-order products from search results.
Answer: A
5.Universal Containers created a site export file from staging in the global export directory.
How should the Digital Developer update their sandbox using this staging site export file?
A. Perform a data replication from staging.
B. Use the Site Development > Site Import & Export Business Manager module.
C. Download the site export file and use UX Studio to transfer the data to the sandbox.
D. Use the Site Development > Import & Export Business Manager module.
Answer: B
6.A Digital Developer added a file named MyBusinessController.jsin the cartridge named app_project. The project design calls for this new file to override MyBusinessController.js in client_project. The client_projectcartridge contains other necessary functionality. Additional functionality is also included in the storefront_coreand storefront_controllerscartridges.
Which cartridge path meets the project requirements?
A. client_project:app_project:storefront_controllers:storefront_core
B. app_project:storefront_controllers:storefront_core
C. app_project:client_project:storefront_controllers:storefront_core
D. storefront_core:storefront_controllers:client_project:app_project
Answer: C