Romantic Upcoming Events in Boston That Will Make Your Valentine’s Day

upcoming events in Boston

A candle night dinner is one of the most common things couples do on Valentines Day. However, Boston offers numerous happening things that will not only light up the mood but also surprise your partner. Apart from making a reservation at some lavish restaurant opr sipping some wine, how about exploring upcoming events in Boston? This time selecting something unique for the special day and impress your baby boo.

Events to attend this Valentine’s

  • V’ day at Time Out Market: This is a market that boasts about fifteen curated food items. Hence, if your other half is a foodie, you have endless options to share with your boo on Valentine’s. Get a glass of your favorite drink and try dishes you haven’t had before. In addition to this, get in the mood by checking out the chocolate tasting experience in the market itself. You can not only taste different chocolates but also have a peck while doing so.

  • Endless shades of red at Eataly: How about treating your sweetie to delicious wines that are paired with Italian pairings at Eataly. The tickets to this event are $55 per person. The cost consists of tasting fifteen wines, including dessert wines, Tuiscans, and Roses. In order to pair the wine, food items like chocolate, pastas, and bruschetta. In order to find other details like the address, food items served, etc, take help from the internet.

  • Party at OAK Long bar and kitchen: Guys, celebrate the ladies in your life this Valentine’s Day at Oak Long Bar and Kitchen. Everything from cocktails to cheese, bars, pastas, bouquets, etc, are available here. Also, numerous fun activities for couples take place here. If you are lucky enough to win any of it, the organizers give a basket that is filled with items that are prepared from local women. Tickets to this event are $55.

  • Date night with clay: Do not miss an opportunity to enjoy a wonderful evening of ceramics making. Take part in the activity where you have to build your own romantic sculpture. Tickets to this event are somewhere between $90 to $150. The tickets are a bit expensive but they are surely worth it. Find out more about this event by browsing the internet.

These are some of the events you can attend this Valentine’s with your partner. However, this is not the end of the list. Search the internet for more events taking place in Boston and see which one is the most suitable for you.

The Ending Thoughts

Bid adieu to those old candle night dinners, and movie dates. Remember having butterflies in your stomach during your first kiss or valentine’s? Experience the same feeling this time by attending any of the events in Boston and let your other half feel all mushy.

We hope this piece of information has been able to serve its purpose. To find out more about events that take place in Boston during Valentine’s, make use of the internet. The internet will give you a list of events that will be taking place not only on Valentine’s but others day also, including kisses, hug, rose, and other days.