Ricoma TC-1501 Common Problems And Easy Steps To Maintain

embroidery design
embroidery design

In this article, we will examine Ricoma TC-1501 normal issues arrangements and simple tasks to keep up with.

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Ricoma TC-1501 Normal Issues And Arrangements:

1. Another Plan Isn’t Transferring:

You need to eliminate the weaving status prior to transferring another plan. The situation with weaving (the lock symbol in the board) is the apparatus that sets the machine all through weaving mode.

The situation with the weaving symbol could be tracked down on the right corner of the screen and should be opened to get to a portion of the machine’s elements. Another reason you probably won’t be fit for bringing in a plan is in the event that the USB you are utilizing has unnecessary memory. We propose utilizing a USB drive with 8GB or less.

2. Needles Continue To break:

There are a few motivations behind why needles in a Ricoma TC-1501 machine might break:

Inaccurate Needle Size Or Type – Ensure you are involving the right size and kind of needle for the material you are working with.

Needle Bluntness – After some time, needles can become dull, particularly assuming you are utilizing them to weave thick, weighty materials. Dull needles can break more effectively than sharp ones.

Inordinate Strain – On the off chance that you are applying a lot of tension while weaving, you can put a great deal of weight on the needle and prompt it to break.

String Strain Issues – Erroneous string pressure can make the needle twist, making it break all the more without any problem in embroidery design.

Free Needle Clip – Assuming the needle cinch is free, the needle can move and curve, making it break.

Machine Issues – There might be an issue with the actual machine, for example, a skewed needle bar or an exhausted needle drive instrument.

3. Squeeze On Texture:

This is a direct result of a hooping blunder. You need to make the right strain by guaranteeing that the hooping is tight and the material isn’t wrinkled. Be explicit not to extend the texture, as this could harm the plan. You could require a firm stabilizer.

4. String Breaks:

There are a few justifications for why you might be encountering string breaks while utilizing a Ricoma TC-1501 machine:

Inaccurate string type – Ensure you are involving the right kind of string for your machine and the material you are working with.

Mistaken string pressure – Assuming the string strain is too free, the string might break without any problem. Assuming that the pressure is excessively close, it can put weight on the needle and influence it to break.

Unfortunate string quality – Inferior quality string can undoubtedly break, so make certain to utilize top caliber, sturdy string for your machine.

Grimy machine – Residue and garbage in the machine can make string break. Clean your machine routinely to keep it ready to go.

Needle issues – A dull or harmed needle can make string break. Supplant the needle assuming it is worn or harmed.

Bobbin issues – Ensure the bobbin is stacked accurately and the strain is set accurately. An ineffectively wound bobbin or one with bad quality string can make string break.

Stabilizer issues – Assuming that you are utilizing stabilizer, ensure it is the right sort and weight for the material you are working with machine embroidery designs. On the off chance that it is excessively weighty, it can put a lot of weight on the string, making it break.

5. How To Be aware On the off chance that The Pressure Is Correct? Is There Any Default Setting?

Step by step instructions to Be aware Assuming The Strain Is Correct
Instructions to Be aware Assuming The Strain Is Correct
There is no such default setting on the machine simultaneously. On the off chance that the issue is on a solitary needle, you can begin by pulling the string and it its pressure to feel. It should not be exceptionally close or extremely free.

Check the needles that are working appropriately and attempt to imitate their pressure. As you pull, you should be fit for feeling when the issue needle has arrived at a comparative pressure as the needles that are functioning admirably.

When you accept you have achieved a decent standard pressure, attempt a H or I test during the center and 33% of the top string on the two sides. For the most part, assuming you have 33% of the bobbin string in the middle and 33% of top string on the two sides. Ordinarily, in the event that you have genuinely given sections, your strain should be right.

6. Lines Circling:

Circling lines could be the result of mistaken stringing. Guarantee the top and bobbin strings are appropriately strung. Assuming the machine is strung appropriately, actually take a look at the string strain. Furthermore, guarantee to really take a look at the needle. A twisted, old, or free needle would cause circling and other weaving issues.

7. X Or Y Breaking point Blunder:

You are getting this mistake on the grounds that your logo may be exceptionally colossal for the band, or you are attempting to line out the preset loop edge. You can either utilize a huge band or move the logo around so you stay inside the limits of the circle.

Simple tasks For Ricoma Tc-1501 Support
Ricoma TC-1501 support is exceptionally simple. The most pivotal upkeep that must be finished is greasing up the rotating snare. Prior to oiling or cleaning, we recommend switching off your machine. To keep up with and clean the turning snare, start by eliminating the bobbin case from the rotational snare.

Clean any string build up in the space utilizing a build up brush or tidying splash.

Then add three or four drops of machine oil to the turning snare.

Presently you can embed the bobbin case once more into the turning snare and close the bobbin lodging unit.

To ensure the machine runs effectively, rehash this cycle two times per day on the off chance that you are wanting to run a machine eight hours every day.

On more than one occasion per week, eliminate the needle plate and clean around the trimmer blades with a delicate brush.

One time per week, pass a business card or paper through the bobbin case cut to clean any build up development in embroidery designs.

Consistently, put a drop-off oil straightforwardly on the needle bar through the spaces in the needle case, substitute every week.

Multi week grease up the upper needle bar area and the following week the lower needle bar segment.

When seven days oil the opening on the needle plate. For this segment, we propose turning on the machine and setting it to needle one to see the opening on the right half of the machine head.

Add three drops of oil every week to that part.

Then, add three drops of oil to the metal rail of the machine head.

Presently you can move your machine head to needle 15 and put 2 drops of oil on the opposite side of the rail.

When every three to five months, apply white lithium oil to the dark metal bar in the machine head. Likewise, apply this oil to the wheels put on the rear of your machine head.

When every three to five months, apply white lithium oil to the variety change cam.

You would initially have to eliminate the metal plate set over the variety change cam by relaxing the joined screw. Then apply oil to the variety change cam region.

Place the cover back over the variety change cam and fix the screw prior to continuing.

Continuously recall, not to over oil. In the wake of oiling, join on a test sample prior to getting back to creation to guarantee additional oil doesn’t stain pieces of clothing.

These were the basic strides for Ricoma TC-1501 support and investigating Ricoma TC-1501 weaving machine. Now that you know how to keep up with your machine, the time has come to begin weaving. Best of luck!

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